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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: How Web3 Games Can Innovatively Acquire Users

Web3 gaming experts discuss user acquisition strategies and community engagement in the blockchain gaming space.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During the "Breakpoint 2023: How Should Web3 Games Acquire Users?" panel, industry leaders shared in-depth perspectives on methodologies and practices underpinning user acquisition in the world of Web3 gaming. With experts representing Solana Foundation, Reign of Titans, MixMob, and Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos, the session centered around community leverage, innovative game distribution, and bridging the experience between Web2 and Web3. The discussion highlighted not just the novel approaches of user engagement through gaming bots and the strategic use of NFTs, but also the important role traditional and emerging marketing methods play in reaching a wider audience.

Key Points:

User Acquisition via Community Engagement

The panelists unanimously underscored the importance of community in driving user growth. They described communities as not just audiences, but active participants contributing to game direction and acting as brand ambassadors. Web3 games are tapping into the existing passions and competencies of community members, with some even rewarded with roles within the game companies. This direct and transparent relationship with the audience helps personalize the gameplay experience and contributes heavily to user acquisition.

Game Distribution and Marketing Strategies

Traditional page User Acquisition (UA) metrics were discussed, but with a refresh reflecting the Web3 values of decentralization and player empowerment. Mason Geiser spoke of Alchemy's unique Discord-driven distribution model, which allows for worldwide reach without traditional platforms like Steam, while Simon Vieira highlighted the significance of advertising on crypto-centric channels like the Brave browser. Both strategies support the core focus on Web3-native audiences. Additionally discussed was the role of physically held events and brand partnerships, as Addie Abili touched upon the success of Reign of Titans' ground event in Argentina, displaying the potency of integrated Web2 and Web3 strategies.

Incentivization Tactics

Panelists detailed how cryptocurrency and NFTs have opened up new incentive possibilities. Simon Vieira from MixMob discussed the benefits of running incentivized tournaments with rewards that appeal to the core crypto-gaming community. Mason Geiser emphasized the potential of user-generated content (UGC), encouraging players to create in-game assets. Addie Abili corroborated the efficacy of tournaments, combining them with brand partnerships to not only grow the community but also to reinvest value directly back into it.

Facts + Figures

  • Web3 gaming focuses on leveraging strong community relationships to acquire and retain users.
  • MixMob utilizes a competitive, mid-core game model emphasizing cryptocurrency and NFT-based incentives.
  • Alchemy: Battle of Ankhos is notably played entirely within Discord and uses a bot to promote cross-server gaming.
  • Reign of Titans has successfully executed physical events in collaboration with brands like Pepsi to boost engagement.
  • Traditional marketing avenues such as advertising are being modified to fit the Web3 space, focusing on crypto-centric platforms.

Top quotes

  • "We built this in a way that you can actually install the bot in any Discord server." – Mason Geyser
  • "Our game is super competitive and it was really nice. So, tournament with cash prizes." – Simon Vieira
  • "...really focusing on how we can provide value through technology." – Addie Abili
  • "You create these really loyal community members and ambassadors that are almost like part of an extension of your team." – Simon Vieira

Questions Answered

How do Web3 games acquire users differently from traditional games?

Web3 games achieve user acquisition by establishing strong ties with their gaming communities, leveraging blockchain technology, offering incentives through cryptocurrency and NFTs, and utilizing non-traditional distribution channels such as Discord. This approach differs from traditional games which often rely on mass marketing and platform-dependent distribution.

What role do communities play in Web3 gaming?

Communities in Web3 gaming are instrumental: they contribute to the game's development, offer feedback, participate in decision-making, and act as brand ambassadors. This close collaboration between developers and community members is fundamental to Web3 games' growth and success.

Why are tournaments important for Web3 games?

Tournaments are a powerful tool for community engagement and user acquisition in Web3 gaming. They offer a competitive platform and provide incentives for players to participate, thereby driving growth and enhancing visibility of the game. These events also encapsulate the ethos of play-to-earn, a popular model in Web3 gaming.

How does incentivization in Web3 gaming work?

Incentivization in Web3 gaming involves rewarding players with digital assets like tokens or NFTs, which can have both monetary and utility value within the game ecosystem. This approach encourages gameplay, fosters a competitive environment, and attracts crypto-native audiences looking for tangible incentives.

What marketing channels are effective for Web3 games?

Marketing channels effective for Web3 games include crypto-centric platforms like the Brave browser, gaming-specific forums, and social platforms like Discord. Partnerships with crypto gills and focusing on Web3-native audiences through targeted advertising are also considered effective strategies.

Can Web3 games on Discord be a viable alternative to traditional game platforms?

Yes, games like Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos show that Discord can be a viable platform for Web3 games, offering new forms of distribution and community engagement that bypass traditional channels such as Steam or Epic Games Store. This method also facilitates an easier introduction of non-gamers to Web3.