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Earn 6.5% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.5% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: NFT Past & The Future

Max Zhuang, CEO of Sniper Labs, discusses the evolution of NFTs and Sniper's role in the growing market.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In a presentation at Breakpoint 2023, Max Zhuang, CEO of Sniper Labs, provided an in-depth look at the journey of NFTs and the potential trajectory of the digital asset space. Zhuang reflected on his personal dive into the crypto and NFT world, leading to the inception of Sniper Labs, a platform built to enhance the trading experience of NFTs. He also covered the unique position of Sniper Labs as both a pioneer in the NFT trading space and a catalyst for market maturity, emphasizing their commitment to serving the needs of the community and anticipating market evolution.

Key Points:

Introduction to Max Zhuang and Sniper Labs

Max Zhuang, the founder of Sniper Labs, recounted his career from a software engineer at Amazon to becoming a key player in the NFT market. Zhuang highlighted his initial fascination with NFTs following his introduction to the concept through various YouTube videos showcasing the lucrative potential of flipping digital assets. He emphasized how Sniper Labs, initially started as a side project to improve the tooling and infrastructure around NFTs, eventually gained significant traction due to the application's value to traders.

Sniper Labs: From Inception to Industry Leader

Zhuang shared the initial challenges he faced with high transaction fees on Ethereum, which led him to explore other blockchain options like Solana. Sniper Labs began with solving basic challenges in the NFT space, such as providing real-time pricing information to avoid blind trading. Zhuang detailed the transition from the project's initial launch—under the lengthy domain soul NFT Trade Dash dot Versailles dot app—to its rebranding to the more streamlined He proudly mentioned the innovative features Sniper Labs introduced and how they propelled the platform to become an industry leader, through consistent engagement with and feedback from the community.

The Evolution of NFTs and Sniper Labs' Vision for the Future

Zhuang spoke on the maturation of the NFT market, noting a shift towards more sophisticated trading and financial tools. Sniper Labs, he explained, played an instrumental role by innovating and setting industry standards. Looking to the future, Zhuang believes Solana will become the dominant chain for NFTs, and that focusing on the needs of both buyers and creators will maintain a balanced and thriving marketplace.

Facts + Figures

  • Max Zhuang is the CEO of Sniper Labs, a company specializing in NFT trading tools.
  • Sniper Labs began as a side project to tackle issues within the NFT market's infrastructure.
  • Sniper Labs gained momentum and popularity during the NFT bull market in 2022.
  • The platform introduced groundbreaking features like candlestick charts for NFTs and iOS widgets for price tracking.
  • Sniper was initially created on the Solana blockchain due to lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum.
  • emerged from a rebrand that aimed to refresh its identity beyond Solana, despite not changing blockchain platforms.
  • The company raised funding in early 2022, and the CEO recruited fellow Amazon engineers.
  • Sniper Labs closely engages with its user community, incorporating requested features into the platform.
  • Zhuang anticipates Solana becoming the leading blockchain for NFTs in the next bull cycle.

Top quotes

  • "NFTs are really this crazy new asset class where it's this intersection of tech, finance, and like internet culture."
  • "It became the most fun thing to trade ever."
  • "I spend so much time with Soul Sniper that my wife gets jealous."
  • "As a software engineer, all I've ever wanted was to just build something cool with my friends that people actually want to use."
  • "We think that in the next bull cycle, 80% of that market will actually be on Solana instead."

Questions Answered

What is Sniper Labs?

Sniper Labs is a platform designed to enhance the NFT trading experience by providing traders with improved tools and features, such as real-time pricing, candlestick charts, and mobile widgets for easy monitoring of asset values.

Why did Max Zhuang choose Solana for Sniper Labs?

Max Zhuang opted for Solana as the blockchain for Sniper Labs due to its vibrant community and significantly lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum, making it accessible for broader participation in the NFT space.

How does Sniper Labs impact the NFT marketplace?

Sniper Labs influences the NFT marketplace by setting industry precedents, introducing innovative features such as candlestick charts for NFTs, and aligning its development with community feedback to ensure it meets the traders' needs for efficient and accessible digital trading.

What vision does Max Zhuang have for the future of NFTs?

Max Zhuang envisions a future where NFT markets become more sophisticated and financially advanced, with Solana taking the lead as the predominant blockchain platform. He also emphasizes the need for balance between buyers and creators to sustain a healthy NFT ecosystem.