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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: The GREED Experiment

Ivor Ivošević, CEO of BlastCTRL, discusses the GREED experiment highlighting the naivety of crypto investors.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Ivor “Voshy” Ivošević, Founder and CEO of BlastCTRL, details his social experiment in the cryptocurrency space called the GREED experiment, which serves as a cautionary tale about the hype and recklessness that pervade the industry. His presentation clarifies the sequence of events that began with a satirical tweet and led to a widespread delusion that a new token named ‘GREED’ was about to launch. The experiment exposed the lack of due diligence by investors, as they blindly gave away permissions and signed up for a nonexistent token, revealing underlying security and privacy issues in the crypto community.

Key Points:

Background and Execution of the GREED Experiment

The GREED experiment was born out of frustration with the impulsive behaviors of cryptocurrency investors, particularly during periods known colloquially as "shitcoin seasons." This is a time when numerous new tokens are minted daily with little to no substantive value. Ivor hoped to highlight the absurdity of these occurrences with what he thought would be an obviously satirical tweet about launching a coin named GREED. Instead of recognizing the satire, the community took the bait with great excitement, leading Ivošević down a path where he would further the narrative, ultimately resulting in a false token launch that took the community by storm.

Impact and Consequences

This false launch led to widespread engagement, with Ivošević gaining thousands of followers and the experiment earning hundreds of thousands of views across social media. Participants compromised their own Twitter accounts by granting full access permissions to Ivošević's team and unknowingly partook in a simulated wallet transaction which could have resulted in their crypto wallets being drained. Despite multiple hints from Ivošević signaling the dubious nature of GREED, the community’s blind trust and greed prevailed, only realizing they had been duped when it was too late.

Public Reaction and Aftermath

After the reveal, Ivor Ivošević faced a mixture of applause for enlightening the community and backlash from those who felt betrayed. The experiment sparked discussions about security, privacy, and the importance of due diligence within the crypto world. The symbolic freeze of the GREED tokens in the participants’ wallets, linking to the SEC’s advice hotline, served as a permanent reminder of the event.

Facts + Figures

  • Ivor “Voshy” Ivošević is the Founder & CEO of BlastCTRL.
  • The GREED experiment started with a satirical tweet announcing the launch of a token named GREED, which, despite its satirical intent, was mistaken for a real cryptocurrency launch.
  • The situation escalated as tens of thousands interacted with the tweet, believing in the token's impending release.
  • Ivošević's follower count increased from 2,500 to over 30,000 followers due to the experiment.
  • The simulated token claim process could have been used to wipe out participants’ wallets; however, this was never Ivošević's intention.
  • Over 55,000 Solana wallets had the GREED token frozen in them.
  • The GREED smart contract showed an outlier in activity compared to other Solana smart contracts.
  • The GREED experiment was ultimately revealed as a social commentary, garnering coverage from major media outlets like CoinDesk and Binance.
  • The frozen GREED token in participant wallets is linked to the SEC's investment advice hotline—a clear nod to the need for due diligence.
  • The episode led to Ivošević being ranked second on NFT in spectrum global reach.

Top quotes

  • "The only utility of shitcoins is making the founder rich."
  • "These people can never burn these tokens from their wallets."
  • "Did Vosci teach us nothing?"
  • "If we were malicious, we could drain the second you connect."
  • "People were giving out their whole Twitter accounts for this."
  • "I onboarded a lot of people on Solana."
  • "Privacy and security is quite clear."
  • "How the hype can go crazy."
  • "Almost nobody asked, what does the token do?"
  • "Just because you're friend jumping into something, you shouldn't."

Questions Answered

What was the GREED experiment?

The GREED experiment was a social experiment conducted by Ivor Ivošević, which began with a satirical tweet about launching a new cryptocurrency called GREED. It escalated to demonstrate the gullibility and lack of due diligence in the crypto investment community. The experiment highlighted how easily people could be coaxed into compromising their security and privacy in the throes of investment hype.

Why is the GREED experiment significant?

The GREED experiment is significant because it exposes the vulnerability and susceptibility of the crypto community to hype and greed. It revealed that many investors are willing to throw money and trust into unverified and potentially dangerous projects without proper consideration of the risks involved.

What did the participants in the GREED experiment do?

Participants in the GREED experiment eagerly engaged with a fake token launch, granting full access to their Twitter accounts, promoting the GREED token, and even attempting to claim these tokens through a simulated and risky process. Their actions exhibited a disregard for proper security practices and due diligence in the pursuit of quick profits.

What lessons did the GREED experiment teach?

The GREED experiment showcased the dangerous impact of hype, the importance of privacy and security, and the necessity for educating the public about responsible investment practices. It was a clear demonstration that people need to be more cautious and informed before engaging with cryptocurrency offerings.

How did the public react to the GREED experiment?

The public reaction to the GREED experiment was mixed. Some lauded Ivor for highlighting crucial issues in the crypto community, while others felt misled and angry. Overall, it sparked an important conversation about the need for greater scrutiny and caution among crypto investors.