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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.2% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: tBTC comes to Solana

Discussions on the integration of tBTC, a decentralized Bitcoin, into the Solana ecosystem.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


The conversation revolved around tBTC's integration into the Solana ecosystem and the potential benefits and innovations it brings. Brian from Fises and Robinson from the Wormhole Foundation delved into the mechanics of how tBTC functions as a decentralized and permissionless version of Bitcoin that can interact across different blockchains. They also discussed how partnerships, like the one between Threshold and Wormhole, enable the transfer of tBTC to Solana while maintaining decentralized principles. The dialogue included practical aspects of launching and growing tBTC on Solana, the importance of building a secure infrastructure, and future plans for expansion in the Solana ecosystem.

Key Points:

tBTC and its Role in the Solana Ecosystem

tBTC is a decentralized, permissionless version of Bitcoin built by Fises and a part of the Threshold network. It facilitates the wrapping of Bitcoin in a way that maintains decentralization and allows users to interact with the broader DeFi ecosystem. The integration of tBTC into Solana is significant because it fills a void left by centralized exchanges in the aftermath of their downturns, bringing a more trustless form of Bitcoin to Solana's DeFi landscape.

The Partnership Between Threshold and Wormhole

The Strategic Head of Solana Foundation, a speaker in the discussion, highlighted Wormhole's role in the ecosystem. Wormhole is an interoperability platform that enables chains to communicate and exchange tokens like NFTs or instructions. The partnership between Threshold and Wormhole was based on a shared ethos of open-source development and permissionless infrastructure, which led to the secure and efficient transport of tBTC across chains.

Security and Trust in Cross-Chain Bridges

In light of past security vulnerabilities in cross-chain bridges, the Head of Strategy at Wormhole, Robinson, emphasized the measures taken by Wormhole to bolster security. He mentioned the implementation of defense-in-depth security measures, involving additional layers of security checks through products like the Global Accountant and the Governor. These measures aim to restrict the flow of tokens between chains, making any potential attack more challenging and containing any issues swiftly.

The Future of tBTC in the Solana Ecosystem

The future of tBTC on Solana includes deepening integration into the ecosystem, from spot markets to lending and derivatives. The goal is for more direct minting paths for tBTC on Solana, increasing the ease of transfer from Bitcoin to the Solana blockchain. Threshold seeks to establish tBTC as a treasury asset for Dows within the Solana ecosystem, encouraging its adoption beyond liquidity pools and trading markets.

Facts + Figures

  • TBTC is a decentralized Bitcoin equivalent that operates on the Threshold network through nodes secured by threshold cryptography.
  • Wormhole is an interoperability platform that enables chains to communicate, sending data and tokens like NFTs across blockchains.
  • Wormhole has gone through over 15 public audits and has introduced extra security layers such as the Global Accountant and the Governor to protect against attacks.
  • The Threshold Dow controls incentives and governance around TBTC, contributing to the growth and adoption of the asset.
  • The TBTC SDK in development will provide easier paths for bringing Bitcoin directly onto Solana, enhancing capital inflows to the ecosystem.
  • The discussion included the announcement that Mango Dow is moving their WBTC to TBTC, which involves about 100 Bitcoins.

Top quotes

  • "TBTC is part of the Threshold network or Threshold DAO. That's the T in TBTC."
  • "We enable chains to communicate with one another and send data back and forth."
  • "We're very much committed to building in public and making sure that if there are certain bugs or issues that are found in the system, they're addressed very transparently off the bat."
  • "The demand was there... TBTC... is now supporting TBTC as an Oracle."
  • "We are looking to scale beyond and just double down on Solana because we're super excited to be here in the community."
  • "Everything about this Dow, it's got a lot of cypherpunk DNA first and foremost."
  • "Security truly is like the biggest value we provide."

Questions Answered

What is TBTC?

TBTC is a decentralized and permissionless version of Bitcoin that functions within the Threshold network. It allows users to convert their traditional Bitcoin into a form that can seamlessly interact with various DeFi protocols on different blockchains, including Ethereum and Solana, while emphasizing a commitment to decentralization.

Why is TBTC's coming to Solana important?

TBTC's arrival on Solana fills a significant gap that was previously occupied by centralized Bitcoin solutions within Solana's DeFi ecosystem. It presents a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized alternative for Bitcoin users who want to engage with the Solana ecosystem without relying on centralized intermediaries.

What security measures does Wormhole use to ensure the safety of cross-chain transactions?

Wormhole prioritizes security by being open-source, undergoing numerous public audits, and implementing layered security strategies like defense-in-depth. Notably, they use the Global Accountant and the Governor to manage and limit token flows between chains, reducing the chances of successful attacks.

How will the TBTC SDK improve the use of Bitcoin on Solana?

The TBTC SDK aims to streamline the process of minting TBTC directly on Solana, eliminating the need for intermediary steps through other chains. This would facilitate a more efficient transfer of Bitcoin to Solana and potentially increase the total value locked (TVL) within the ecosystem.

What are the future plans for TBTC on Solana?

Looking forward, the goal is to integrate TBTC more comprehensively within the Solana infrastructure, involving not just spot market activity but also incorporation into lending products and derivative markets. Additionally, TBTC aims to become a treasury asset for decentralized organizations within Solana, fostering broader adoption and utility.