Solana's Decentralization In Numbers

🖥️ 3323

Total Nodes

🤚 30

Nakamoto Coefficient

🌍 32

Unique Countries

🏙️ 214

Unique Cities

🏭 409

Unique Data Centers

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 292030

Serving Total Stakers

Decentralization by Region

With over 3323 nodes spread between 32 countries, 214 cities and 409 data centers, Solana is truly a global network. The map above shows the location of all nodes, while the bar charts show the distribution of nodes by country and city.

How have the number of validators grown over time?

In the last 2 years Solana has grown from ~375 staked validators to 2214 today. After a relatively stable start, it can be seen that the number of staked validators has grown consistently over the last two years, independently of market cycles and other external events

Is Solana's Nakomoto Coefficient increasing or decreasing?

Over the same period of time, the Nakomoto Coefficient has risen from 13 to 30. This means that stake is becoming more distributed over time, which is a good sign for the health of the network. The less concentrated the stake is, the more decentralized the network is and more resilient to attacks.

How are staked nodes distributed, by data center, city and country?