Turbo Stake Your SOL
Get Up To 7.00% More Yield On mSOL

Get boosted yield on your SOL when you stake for mSOL with Marinade Finance while voting for Solana Compass.

Hold your mSOL in your wallet or use it in Defi - you'll still earn Marinade's 7.46% APY. But in gratitude for your support, we'll add as much as 0.22% APY to your yield by airdropping you extra mSOL each epoch. Learn more about turbo staking your mSOL

Prefer to stake natively? Stake to our validator which delivers a solid 6.8% return

Turbo Stake Your SOL
Get Up To 7.00% More Yield On mSOL

Get boosted yield on your SOL when you stake for mSOL with Marinade Finance while voting for Solana Compass.

Hold your mSOL in your wallet or use it in Defi, and in in gratitude for your support, we'll boost your yield by airdropping you extra mSOL each epoch.

Turbo Stake

Prefer to stake natively?
Stake to our validator which delivers a solid 6.8% return

Turbo Staking

Get Bonus APY on your SOL with Turbo Staking via Solana Compass and Marinade

What is Turbo Staking?

Turbo Staking leverages the power of democracy in DeFi. By staking with Marinade via our site, you not only receive your usual mSOL but acquire a vote that helps delegate even more stake to our validator.

The more mSOL you hold, the more your voting power increases, which in turn helps delegate more stake to our validator.

In return, we will reward you with additional mSOL as airdrops every epoch, helping to grow your yield exponentially.

It’s a win-win situation, paving the path for a virtuous circle of increasing returns.

How Turbo Staking Works

Turbo Staking supercharges your staking returns through Marinade Finance's innovative directed stake program.

Given the current small size of the voting pool relative to the large amount of SOL in their directed stake program, your mSOL vote for our validator commands an outsized impact.

This multiplies the stake you can direct to our validator and allows us to pay you additional rewards.

Here's the step-by-step process:

1. Stake Your SOL + Place Your Vote

Connect your wallet to Solana Compass, stake your SOL and simultaneously cast your vote for our validator.

Your stake is converted into mSOL, and your vote is used to delegate more stake to our validator.

2. Receive mSOL to Your Wallet

For each SOL you stake, you will receive an equivalent amount of mSOL in your wallet.

This mSOL is a liquid staking derivative, allowing you to participate in DeFi or simply hold as it gains in value against SOL from its own staking rewards.

3. Your Vote Increases Solana Compass Stake

The more SOL you stake and the more mSOL you hold, the greater your voting power.

Your vote helps increase the stake delegated to our validator, creating a larger pool of rewards for our community.

4. Earn Loyalty Airdrops

As a show of gratitude for your loyalty and your vote, we distribute additional mSOL tokens as airdrops to your wallet every epoch.

These loyalty rewards help multiply your SOL yield, leading to higher overall returns.

By staking with Turbo Staking, you play a role in a virtuous circle that amplifies your earnings, boosts our validator's stake, and strengthens the Solana ecosystem. We will soon be adding real-time updates on key metrics like the total number of mSOL votes and the multiplier to ensure transparency. Turbocharge your staking today and make your vote count!

Benefits of Turbo Staking with Solana Compass

Turbo Staking with Solana Compass offers unique benefits that make it a game-changer in the DeFi landscape:

  • Boosted Yield: Turbo Staking offers the potential to earn a bonus of 1-2% on your APY. As your vote increases, the total stake to our validator also increases, resulting in larger mSOL airdrops and hence, a boosted yield.

  • Double Dip for additional Defi Yield: You can use your mSOL in any of Marinade's supported protocols to earn even more yield on your mSOL, and still receive Turbo Staking airdrops for as long as you vote for Compass. Hold your mSOL in your wallet, Solend, Orca, Raydium, Saber or Tulip and you will remain eligible for airdrops.

  • Full Asset Custody: With Turbo Staking, you maintain full custody of your assets. When you stake mSOL lands directly in your account - Compass has no access to it and takes no fee. There are no additional smart contract risks over staking directly with Marinade, who have been operating since 2021 with 2 audits from Kudelski Security and Ackee Blcokchain. Your mSOL tokens are sent directly to your wallet, always within your control.

  • Flexibility and Liquidity: With mSOL, you can partake in the DeFi landscape or hold onto your tokens as they increase in value. You also have the option to instantly unstake or swap your mSOL back to SOL without a waiting period.


How do I remain eligible for airdrops?

You stay eligible for airdrop rewards provided:

  • Your wallet has voted for Solana Compass and no other validator (each wallet can only vote for one validator at a time!)
  • You continue to hold mSOL in your wallet or one of Marinade's approved protocols (Solend, Orca, Raydium, Saber or Tulip)

We use Marinade's own APIs to check which wallets are eligible, and we distribute airdrops to eligible wallets every epoch based on the snapshot Marinade take at the end of each epoch. Note you will need to hold your mSOL for a minimum of 2 epochs to receive your first airdrop as there is a lag between Marinade receiving your vote and staking our validator.

Can I still use my mSOL in Defi?

Absolutely. Provided it is one of the defi protocols Marinade have already implemented snapshots for, you can still use your mSOL in popular defi protocols and generate additional yield.

For example, you could add your mSOL to an Orca whirlpool and LP SOL/mSOL, or lend your mSOL on Solend for additional APY. You could even loop your loans (at additional risk!) and pump your APY even higher. Just remember that airdrops will be paid to your wallet, so to max your APY you will need to deposit those rewards back to your chosen protocol for maximum capital efficiency.

What is mSOL?

mSOL is a liquid staking derivative powered by Marinade Finance. When you stake SOL for mSOL, Marinade stakes on your behalf with top-ranking validators to optimize your yield and enhance Solana's decentralization.

How long is an epoch?

In Solana staking, an epoch is a period of roughly 2.5 days, with rewards paid out at the end of each period. The exact period length can vary slightly based on network performance.

How much yield can I expect from Turbo Staking?

We aim to provide as much as APY as we can when you delegate your SOL to our validator via Marinade. This is a significant increase from the ~6.49% APY you would usually earn staking with Marinade.

The increase comes due to the multiplier effect of your vote. The more mSOL you hold, the more stake is delegated to our validator, and the more rewards we are able to airdrop back to you.

With each additional mSOL vote - whether for our validator or others - that multiplier effect will decrease slightly. However, the additional mSOL you receive as airdrops will continue to earn their own staking rewards, leading to a compounding effect that boosts your overall yield.

What DeFi platforms can I use my mSOL on without losing voting eligibility?

Currently, Marinade integrates with Orca Whirlpools, Solend, Port Finance, Raydium, Saber and Tulip, as well as their own Marinade liquidity pool. More integrations will be added in the future. Check their docs here to get the latest list.

Can I still stake directly to Solana Compass?

Of course! If you prefer native staking over liquid staking you can still receive a great return staking directly to our validator. Click here to learn more.

Start turbocharging your staking today and experience unprecedented yield growth. Start Turbo Staking Now!