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Breakpoint 2023: Phantom Quests

Published on 2023-11-09

Phantom introduces an engaging incentive program to explore new features and understand the Solana ecosystem with Phantom Quests.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In an exciting update from Breakpoint 2023, Phantom has revealed an innovative strategy to enhance user engagement and education within the Solana ecosystem: Phantom Quests. This incentive program targets both new and existing users, navigating them through the complex world of web3 with the aim of simplifying the onboarding process and promoting feature discovery. Phantom company's approach combines fun with function, rewarding participation with collectibles and potentially valuable incentives. This initiative could significantly affect how users interact with web3 technology, providing a unique blend of gamification and hands-on learning.

Key Points:

Introduction to Phantom Quests

Phantom, a pivotal player in the blockchain realm, has strategically emphasized user experience, making it a fundamental aspect of their design philosophy. The breakthrough project, Phantom Quests, originated from a collaborative brainstorming session among product growth and engineering teams. Its primary purpose is to simplify the multi-chain landscape for users and maintain their engagement by offering a series of quests that introduce and spotlight new features. This method not only educates users but also encourages them to explore further in a fun and rewarding manner. Such quests could revolutionize user interaction with web3 by distilling complex blockchain functions into enjoyable and achievable tasks.

The User Journey and Engagement Statistics

The Phantom platform caters to both beginners and experienced users within the Solana ecosystem. For new users, the platform presents a less intimidating entrance into the complex ecosystem, whereas for seasoned users, it offers enhanced wallet functionality with minimal hassle. Initial statistics showcase the effectiveness of Phantom Quests, revealing impressive completion and engagement rates among participants. Specifically, the program boasts a 70% conversion rate for users to complete a quest after starting, which underlines the initiative's success in fostering active participation and retention.

Behind the Scenes: The Technical Process

Underneath the user-friendly interface, Phantom Quests are powered by sophisticated backend processes, including civil resistance mechanisms to prevent abusive actors from gaming the system. The incorporation of unique ID generation and verification ensures fairness and integrity in the completion of quests. The integration with a tailored NFT minting service streamlines the reward system, providing users with effortless access to their earned collectibles. This peek into the backend intricacies reveals Phantom's dedication to providing a seamless and secure experience for its users.

The Future of Phantom Quests

Phantom has ambitious plans to evolve the quests feature. Future iterations will see quests becoming more dynamic, with criteria based on user activity, potential expansion across different blockchain chains, and the introduction of more monetarily valuable rewards. These enhancements underscore Phantom's commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric innovation. These advancements are set to offer even more compelling reasons for users to engage with the platform and expand their blockchain knowledge.

Facts + Figures

  • Phantom Quests is a new web3 engagement program introduced by Phantom.
  • The program incentivizes both new and existing users with fun quests.
  • Quests help users understand and engage with the Solana ecosystem.
  • Within the first 24 hours of launching, 1,759 quests were completed by 1,611 users.
  • A total of 7,673 users engaged with the quests, with an average completion time of 132 seconds.
  • The conversion rate for completing a quest upon encountering the introductory message was 70%.
  • Phantom makes use of civil resistance measures to ensure fair participation.
  • Unique identification methods are utilized to maintain the integrity of rewards.
  • Future plans include more dynamic content, inter-chain features, and monetarily valuable rewards.
  • These quests were designed in response to typical user drop-off rates in web3 engagements.

Top quotes

  • "At Phantom, we give a lot of importance to design and it shows. We care about every aspect of user experience."
  • "Phantom Quest was born… as we introduce more and more features into the app."
  • "They're a fun, web3 incentive program to engage new and existing users."
  • "Within the first 24 hours of launching quests... that is amazing."
  • "How do we ward off the bad actors? This is where user account single printing comes into picture."
  • "For the future quest, entailing rewards with monetary value, we plan to implement a more robust solution."
  • "We plan to separate [quest details] and make the content self-serving."
  • "We also plan to bring in direct incentives in the form of rewards."
  • "I hope today you got a little more insight into what we're building and how we think about building a great user experience here at Phantom."

Questions Answered

What are Phantom Quests?

Phantom Quests is an incentive program designed by Phantom to engage its users more deeply within the Solana ecosystem. Users complete fun and educational tasks, known as quests, to learn about the features and tools available. Through these quests, Phantom makes the learning process enjoyable and rewarding, with the potential to earn digital collectibles and possibly monetary rewards in future expansions.

Who can participate in Phantom Quests?

Both new and existing users of Phantom can participate in the program. However, there are some eligibility requirements for certain quests, such as having a minimum balance or being a first-time user of a feature. The aim is to tailor the experience to different user segments and incrementally introduce them to advanced features.

How does Phantom ensure fairness in their quests?

Phantom employs civil resistance measures to prevent abuse of the quest system. They generate unique IDs for each seed phrase and wallet address, enabling them to track if a quest has been completed by a user before. This ensures that rewards can only be claimed once per user, maintaining fairness across the platform.

What does the future hold for Phantom Quests?

Phantom plans to enhance quests by making them more interactive and customized based on user activity. There is a possibility of expanding the feature to accommodate inter-chain functionalities and offering rewards with real monetary value. This future expansion is indicative of Phantom's commitment to improving user engagement and satisfaction.

Why should people care about Phantom Quests?

Phantom Quests represent a significant advancement in making the web3 space more accessible and enjoyable for users. It leverages gamification to create a compelling experience, driving engagement and education. For anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Phantom Quests provide a user-friendly and rewarding pathway into an industry that can sometimes seem daunting to newcomers.

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