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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Payments on Solana, The Digital Commerce Revolution

Exploring the potential of Solana for revolutionizing digital payments and commerce.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


At a recent presentation, Stijn Paumen, the Founder and CEO of Helio, introduced the potential of blockchain technology, particularly through Solana, to transform the payments and commerce industry. As a Dutch national who has lived in London for the past 15 years, Paumen brought his unique perspective to this increasingly global conversation. Throughout the conference, he highlighted why payments could be the primary use case for blockchain, the challenges of crypto payments uptake, and the innovative solutions Helio is developing to make digital transactions seamless for everyone – from tech-savvy users to "crypto grannies."

Key Points:

The Need for Blockchain in Payments

Paumen articulates the benefits of using blockchain for payments with a straightforward rationale: it connects buyers and sellers directly, removing the need for intermediaries. Traditional online payments involve multiple parties that take a cut of the transaction, but with blockchain, these fees and delays can be bypassed. Despite the seeming advantages, he acknowledges that blockchain payments have struggled to gain widespread adoption due to poor user experience (UX) and complex processes.

Breaking the Adoption Barrier

Helio seeks to resolve the issue of mainstream adoption of blockchain payments by simplifying the user experience. Paumen discusses the necessity of creating a platform that encourages effortless interaction with blockchain technology. The objective is to make transactions on blockchain as intuitive as making a card payment; he believes that achieving this ease of use will be a crucial step towards mass adoption of crypto wallets and blockchain payments.

Leveraging Solana's Advantages

The choice of Solana as the underlying technology is strategic. Paumen explains that Solana's high-speed transaction capability and low gas fees make it the most suitable blockchain for payment purposes. While acknowledging the presence of other contenders like Bitcoin's Lightning Network and Ethereum's Layer 2 solutions, he maintains that Solana provides the optimal blend of cost and speed efficiencies.

Helio’s Vision for a Digital Payment Transformation

Helio is actively developing workflows and user experiences around the payment infrastructure provided by Solana. Paumen showcased a video during his presentation that pointed towards the seamless integration of blockchain payments into everyday online commerce. The aim is to offer a product that enables even those without prior crypto knowledge or ownership to participate in the blockchain economy.

Facts + Figures

  • Stijn Paumen has lived in London for 15 years but is originally from the Netherlands.
  • Traditional online payment routes typically involve about five intermediaries, each taking a custodial role and a portion of the transaction.
  • Helio is focusing on improving the UX of crypto payments, which has traditionally posed a challenge for adoption.
  • The company has built a one-click paywall as a product, showing its potential to an executive at Daily Mail.
  • Paumen suggests that Helio is halfway to enabling users to spend digital dollars without prior crypto knowledge.
  • Solana is highlighted for its fast transaction speeds, finality, and low gas costs, making it ideal for blockchain payments.
  • Helio aims to enrich blockchain payments with useful workflows and superior user experiences.

Top quotes

  • "We've joined Solana on this journey to revolutionize payments and digital commerce."
  • "We truly believe that payments is going to be the number one use case for blockchains."
  • "Blockchains can now securely settle online payments [...] without any intermediaries fully peer to peer."
  • "We're going to have to onboard users as part of the solution we offer."
  • "If granny is going to buy [...] she's going to have to be able to do so without owning any crypto in the first place or even knowing what blockchain is."
  • "We're going to have to enrich payments with a useful workflow."
  • "Solana, from a technology point of view, is the best chain for payments."

Questions Answered

Why does Helio believe payments are the key use case for blockchains?

Helio holds the view that payments are a frequent and fundamental activity, and hence present the most significant opportunity for blockchain usage. Paumen believes that by simplifying the payment process and eliminating intermediaries, blockchain can provide a secure, direct transaction method that could lead to mass adoption.

What prevents wider adoption of crypto payments?

One of the most significant barriers to the adoption of crypto payments is a complex user experience. Paumen highlights that typical crypto transactions involve multiple complicated steps and waiting times that deter mainstream users.

How is Helio attempting to resolve the adoption issue?

Helio addresses the crypto adoption challenge through user-friendly solutions that integrate card payments with blockchain technology. These solutions enable users to engage in digital transactions in a similar manner to conventional online payments, potentially inviting a broader audience to use cryptocurrencies.

Why is Solana the chosen blockchain for Helio's payments platform?

Solana is selected for its affordability and high transaction speed, which are key attributes for an efficient payment system. Its ability to finalize transactions quickly and at low costs provides an edge over competing blockchains.

Can people unfamiliar with blockchain use Helio's platform?

Yes, part of Helio's mission is to enable individuals with no prior knowledge or ownership of cryptocurrency, such as the colloquially mentioned "crypto grannies," to perform transactions using digital currency as easily as traditional money. This inclusivity could be a considerable step towards demystifying and spreading the use of blockchain technologies.