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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: DRiP on Solana

A discussion on the evolution and success of DRiP, a Web3 platform on Solana, and its impact on crypto engagement and creator monetization.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Breakpoint 2023 brought together Vibu, the pioneer behind DRiP on the Solana blockchain, to discuss the transformation of his venture from retail store construction to a platform revolutionizing the creator economy. The conversation delved into DRiP's origination as a side project, its growth to cater to a network of 800,000 wallets, and the mechanisms that have attracted creators and users alike. The partnership with Phantom and its goal to make blockchain technology accessible to newcomers was also highlighted. Furthermore, the discussion addressed the future of creator monetization and the role that community engagement plays in the success of creators in the Web3 space.

Key Points:

The Transition from Solana Spaces to DRiP

Vibu originally transitioned from building retail stores to establishing Solana Spaces—an incubator for projects like DRiP. Solana Spaces was a reflection of a bull market's ambition, aiming to create lavish crypto community centers. However, with changing market conditions, Vibu made the strategic decision to pivot entirely to DRiP, which began as an initiative to onboard people into Solana Spaces but quickly outgrew its side-project status due to its compelling value proposition.

DRiP's Growth and User Engagement

One of the most striking data points shared by Vibu is the impressive growth of DRiP, from 100,000 to over 800,000 wallets. This surge is attributed to DRiP's unique approach of partnering with diverse creators to deliver valuable content, shifting the crypto experience from trading to collecting and enjoyment. DRiP's removal of standard entry barriers like token acquisition and KYC measures has democratized access and increased user retention through continuous content delivery.

Partnerships and Accessibility in Web3

The conversation touched upon DRiP's partnership with Phantom, with a shared goal of simplifying user onboarding and engagement on the Solana blockchain. The integration efforts include initiatives like NFT drops, which serve as an enticing introduction to crypto for newcomers. The partnership is an extension of the strategy first executed with Solana Spaces and focuses on user education and ability to engage with the blockchain smoothly.

Creator Support and Monetization on DRiP

DRiP stands out by its dedication to supporting creators financially and socially, cultivating long-lasting and direct creator-to-consumer relationships that are non-existent in other Web2 platforms. Vibu shared the story of an artist named designs who transitioned from a chef to a full-time artist through DRiP, demonstrating the platform's life-changing potential for creators.

Engagement and Community-Building in Web3

Lastly, the importance of community engagement was discussed as a critical facet of success in Web3. Modern artists must not only produce art but also engage directly with their audiences, crafting a relationship that was previously intermediated by platforms. Vibu emphasized the essentiality of direct communication and community engagement in building a successful venture in Web3.

Facts + Figures

  • DRiP transitioned from a side project intended to help onboard users to Solana Spaces to its primary focus.
  • DRiP experienced significant growth over a 12-month period, ballooning to over 800,000 wallets.
  • The platform emphasizes barrier-free access, requiring no tokens or KYC to start collecting content.
  • Creators on DRiP span a variety of disciplines including art, music, and video content.
  • DRiP's partnership with Phantom has resulted in shared goals to enhance user onboarding experiences.
  • The platform has successfully helped creators like designs find a community and monetize their art.
  • DRiP emphasizes the importance of building direct relationships between creators and consumers.
  • Vibu suggested that the modern blockchain artist combines artistry with influencer-like engagement to succeed.
  • DRiP's anti-fraud work has been a focus to ensure fair distribution of value and control over abuse.

Top Quotes

  • "DRiP is a really dramatically different value prop from almost everything else in crypto because it starts it free."
  • "You don't need tokens. You don't need a KYC. You sign up for the phantom wallet or backpack wallet. And you start collecting."
  • "DRiP is, like I mentioned, the most accessible entry point to crypto."
  • "There's a lot of creators that come to blockchains who don't have a platform in other places."
  • "This is where crypto has a superpower of like kind of community building."
  • "One of the big challenges of the next age of humanity is going to be dealing with AI and kind of showcasing that in fact you did make this work and here's how you did it."
  • "It's not intermediated by a platform at all; I mean, if you're a YouTube creator, you can't get the email addresses of the people that subscribe to your channel."
  • "The modern artist that shows up on a blockchain today looks much more like a YouTuber than not in a lot of cases because they're having to do behind the scenes stuff."

Questions Answered

What is DRiP and how has it changed since its inception?

DRiP began as a way to onboard people into Solana Spaces but evolved into an expansive platform supporting creators and building a fan base on-chain. It has grown its network to 800,000 wallets, offering free access to diverse content from various artists and creators without the need for tokens or KYC measures.

What challenges has DRiP faced and how have they addressed them?

One of the biggest challenges for DRiP has been fraud prevention, as the platform offers valuable content for free. They've implemented robust anti-fraud measures to ensure fairness and prevent system abuse.

How does DRiP differ from other Web2 platforms in supporting creators?

Unlike Web2 platforms like YouTube, where only the top 1% earn substantially while the rest remain unnoticed, DRiP allows even small-scale creators to engage with their audience directly and monetize their work through a community-centric model.

What makes Web3 platforms like DRiP better for creators?

Web3 platforms like DRiP enable direct-to-consumer relationships without any intermediation, fostering stronger engagement and allowing artists to have more control and transparency over their monetization efforts.

What advice does Vibu offer to new creators in the Web3 space?

Vibu encourages new creators to be proactive in relationship-building, share their creative process, sign up for DRiP and to consider the shift towards increased engagement akin to a YouTuber's approach. The key is to be present and instrumental in fostering a community around their work.