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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Building a Creator Community

Industry experts discuss empowerment and innovation in the NFT creator community.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During the Breakpoint 2023 event, a panel of experts from the NFT and blockchain sectors shared insights on the development of creator communities. They discussed the evolution of technologies, initiatives to support creators, building a robust market, and fostering growth within projects for more creators. Speakers from Magic Eden, Sniper, and OK Bears provided their perspectives on the challenges and successes of working with creators, the importance of emotional attachment, and the role that content creators play in amplifying their platforms and products.

Key Points:

The Evolution of NFT Creation Technology

The panel discussed the technological advancements in NFT creation that have significantly lowered barriers to entry for creators. Rex Zhou highlighted the early technical challenges artists faced, such as using smart contracts or relying on unreliable IPFS providers. He then outlined Magic Eden's facilitation of an easier minting process and a variety of auction formats as technological improvements. The ecosystem’s response to making creations and transactions easier was seen as pivotal in attracting creators and collectors alike.

The Importance of Creator Revenue and Royalties

A notable challenge discussed by Rex was the difficulty in innovating ways for creators to grow their revenue, specifically addressing the controversial topic of NFT royalties. Both Magic Eden and Sniper revealed their support for creators and royalties, with Magic Eden backing the Metaplex royalty standard on Solana. The need for platforms to find innovative, win-win solutions that benefit creators and the broader platform was emphasized as critical to attracting more creators to the space.

The Role of Creators in Community and Content Creation

Kais Al Kaabi of OK Bears highlighted the significance of creators not just in producing NFTs but also in using NFTS to create further content, bridging the user experience and community involvement. He also underlined the introspective side of creators and the value in being able to identify with the product and how this emotional attachment can actually carry the brand in ways marketing can’t. Examples such as NBA player Lonzo Ball organically adopting an OK Bear as his identity were discussed as case studies in the power of emotional attachment and brand affiliation.

Fostering an Ecosystem of Creation and Trade

Magic Eden’s focus on expanding its categories, such as gaming and real-world assets like Pokemon cards, was presented as key to their philosophy of building a market that serves as a "store of culture." This cultural angle aims to create more stickiness and retention among users. On Sniper's side, Max Zhuang spoke of collaborations with content creators focused on trader-oriented content to simultaneously help creators build their reputations and grow their product’s outreach.

Facts + Figures

  • Rex Zhou is the co-founder and Chief Engineer of Magic Eden, which supports thousands of creators on the Solana platform.
  • Max Zhuang is the CEO of, which assists creators with analytics and marketplaces.
  • Kais Al Kaabi is the co-founder of OK Bears, known for successfully building a strong community.
  • Magic Eden created a royalty protocol to support NFT creators, which was one of the first in the space.
  • Sniper has collaborated with prominent trader-content creators in the NFT space to provide data and analytics.

Top quotes

  • "Creators are always the central of what we're doing." - Rex Zhou
  • "For a market and a healthy market, you need two sides...creators are actually the most important part of the flywheel." - Max Zhuang
  • "It's okay as in basic." - Kais Al Kaabi, on the relatability of OK Bears.
  • "It's just really important to empower the people and let them know that a lot of power is in their hands." - Kais Al Kaabi
  • "NFT is like a store of condensed a lot of things into the NFT that actually represent your community." - Rex Zhou

Questions Answered

How has NFT creation technology evolved to attract more creators and collectors?

NFT creation technology has made significant strides in reducing the complexity of creating and minting digital assets. Platforms like Magic Eden have introduced easy-to-use minting processes with various auction types, effectively lowering entry barriers and fostering a more inclusive environment for creators and collectors.

What is the significance of NFT royalties for creators?

NFT royalties are a critical incentive for creators because they provide an ongoing revenue stream from the resale of their art. Platforms like Magic Eden have supported royalty protocols, ensuring creators are rewarded for their work and encouraged to keep contributing to the ecosystem.

How do creators contribute to the growth of an NFT project’s community?

Creators are essential in building an NFT project’s community by using their art to engage with a broader audience. Their ability to establish emotional connections through their works, such as the OK Bears project, is an organic and effective form of brand affiliation and community growth.

What challenges do creators face in the evolving NFT marketplace?

Creators face the challenge of maintaining relevance and ensuring steady revenue in a rapidly changing NFT marketplace. They must innovate and adapt to new standards like royalty protocols and deal with the shifting landscape of collector interests and market dynamics.

Why is the creation of a "store of culture" important for NFT marketplaces?

Creating a "store of culture" involves building platforms that not only facilitate trade but also embody the cultural movements and community values of their user base. This cultural approach leads to higher user engagement and retention, and gives a marketplace its unique identity and value proposition.