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Earn 6.5% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.5% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Creating Great Content

Content creator Solandy shares insights on producing engaging and educational content, specifically for Solana development.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During Breakpoint 2023, Solandy, a self-employed content creator working with the Solana Foundation Developer Relations team, offered an insightful presentation on the importance of creating great content, especially in the realm of Solana development. With a mix of motivation and practical advice, Solandy emphasized the significance of content in spreading understanding and retaining interest in the Solana community. He shared personal anecdotes from his journey as a content creator, provided tips on getting started, selecting the right format, experimenting, and staying authentic in one’s approach to creating content. The presentation was aimed at inspiring current and potential content creators to develop material that educates and resonates deeply with their audience.

Key Points:

Importance of Creating Content for Solana Development

Solandy highlighted that quality content is essential for spreading awareness about exciting developments within the Solana ecosystem. In a world filled with misinformation, educational content serves as a tool to not only attract but also retain individuals by continuously providing valuable insights that ensure people remain engaged and invested in the platform.

Getting Started and Finding Your Format

For individuals eager to enter the content creation arena, Solandy stressed the importance of simply beginning somewhere, regardless of initial perfection. Exploring different types of content such as text, video, short or long-form is crucial to determining which medium aligns with a creator's skills and preferences. He shared his inclination towards creating in-depth, long-form videos, illustrating that every content creator should choose the format they find most comfortable and accessible.

Experimentation and Personal Motivation

Content creation is an experimental process where one must try new things to understand what resonates with the audience. Solandy mentioned his experiments with Solana Pay and compressed NFTs as examples of how trying new ways of engagement can lead to better understanding what works and what doesn't. Furthermore, channeling personal interests into content can greatly enhance its quality, as passion projects often lead to more authentic and captivating material.

Authenticity in Content Creation

The final and perhaps most emphasized point was the power of authenticity. Solandy encouraged creators to be themselves, as a unique voice and personality are irreplaceable by anyone else, including AI. Authenticity generates trust and reliability amongst viewers, which is vital in establishing a bond with the audience.

Facts + Figures

  • Solandy has been creating YouTube content since 2010 and now considers it his full-time job.
  • Solandy suggests multiple content formats are necessary because people learn differently.
  • He advises creators to experiment with various techniques and not fear failure.
  • Personal motivation can spur the creation of content that is more engaging and effective.
  • Solandy has a technical background with a foundation in computer science which reflects in his content.

Top quotes

  • "Well first of all, to spread the word... But for people to find out about that there needs to be good content."
  • "So we need to constantly keep pushing new content for the people to stay interested and not give up."
  • "The number one most important thing if you want to create good content is to create content."
  • "Everybody should find the thing that they are most comfortable with."
  • "If you wouldn't have tried it out, you would never know. So you just got to experiment."
  • "Do the things that you want to do. This is really important because it keeps you motivated."
  • "I'm not at all afraid that somebody will come along and create better content than me, because there is nobody like me."
  • "Only I can create the content I create because of my personality."

Questions Answered

What is the key to starting in content creation?

The key to starting in content creation is to simply begin. Solandy emphasizes that you cannot achieve perfection without first creating content and learning as you progress.

How do you choose the right format for your content?

It is essential to experiment with different formats, such as text, short-form and long-form video, to discover which one aligns with your strengths and is more comfortable for you to create.

Why is it important to create good content on Solana?

Creating informative and educational content is crucial for spreading awareness about Solana, combating misinformation, and ensuring that the community remains engaged and knowledgeable about the blockchain.

What role does authenticity play in content creation?

Authenticity is paramount in content creation because it establishes a sense of trust and connection with the audience. Viewers are more likely to engage with content when the creator's unique personality and passion are apparent.

Why is experimenting important in content creation?

Experimenting allows content creators to discover what resonates with their audience, what is effective, and what isn't. Without trying out new ideas, content creators cannot gauge the impact of their work or innovate effectively.