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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.2% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: On-Chain Fantasy Leagues

Brandon Brown introduces on-chain fantasy leagues for F1, aiming to onboard new crypto users through engaging games.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Brandon Brown, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sporting Labs, captivates the essence of innovation in the blockchain space with the inception of on-chain fantasy leagues, focused on Formula 1 racing. Amidst a sprawling venue of enthusiasts and crypto natives, Brown unveils the ambitious project with the primary goal of onboarding the next million users onto the Solana blockchain. This engagement-driven approach converges the world of motorsports with blockchain technology, leveraging the compelling nature of games, particularly the newly introduced on-chain mini-game called Podium. By targeting sim racers and F1 fanatics, and by ensuring accessibility through user-friendly interfaces like Google's login system, Sporting Labs looks to accelerate the merge between familiar gaming concepts and the emerging crypto landscape, particularly emphasizing marketable NFTs and the engaging nature of competitive leaderboards.

Key Points:

On-Chain Fantasy Leagues on Solana

Sporting Labs is poised to revolutionize crypto engagement through an innovative product geared toward Formula 1 enthusiasts. The chief aim is to expand the user base within the Solana ecosystem by creating an accessible and entertaining on-chain fantasy league. The project leverages Solana's potential to host such an application with low-cost scalability. By focusing on creating a seamless user experience for both crypto natives and newcomers, these fantasy leagues may play a critical role in catalyzing broader adoption of blockchain technology.

User Onboarding via Compressions & Mini Games

A novel approach to user onboarding involves the use of compressions and mini-games which allow for cost-efficient scaling. Brandon Brown presents "Podium," a simplified game where users predict the top three finishers in a given race. A user-friendly interface, including options like logging in with Google, is designed to lower entry barriers for new users unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. This thoughtful and strategic method of introducing new players to the on-chain environment—through relatable and engaging content—sits at the heart of Sporting Labs' user growth strategy.

Harnessing the F1 Fanbase for Growth

Recognizing the exponential growth of Formula 1 audiences, especially in America, Sporting Labs targets fans' passion for racing. With strategic partnerships such as one with F1 Troll, a popular meme account, the company plans to weave its gaming platform into the fabric of the F1 community, thereby growing its user base from the ground up. By tapping into a relatable and mainstream interest, Sporting Labs sets the stage for a significant influx of users into the crypto space.

Facts + Figures

  • Brandon Brown is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sporting Labs.
  • Sporting Labs is pioneering an on-chain fantasy league with a focus on Formula 1 (F1) racing.
  • The project aims to onboard the next million users onto the Solana blockchain.
  • The Austin Grand Prix was noted as the fastest growing GP in the US with around 400,000 attendees.
  • Their product, "Podium", is an on-chain mini fantasy league focused on simplicity.
  • The platform allows signing in with Google, in partnership with Underdog Protocol.
  • Sporting Labs is bootstrapped and leverages low-cost infrastructure to scale the game.
  • They have recently partnered with F1 Troll, an F1 meme account with millions of followers.

Top quotes

  • "We're building on-chain fantasy leagues."
  • "We don't really want to cycle through the same users. We want to really onboard new people."
  • "We want to make fantasy leagues fun again."
  • "The compressed NFT will update. You can hit mint. And then you can log in with Google to claim that."
  • "We need to meet our audience kind of where they're at."
  • "We designed our NFT to be marketable."
  • "We want to bring that to podium where people can meet their free PFP."
  • "Partnering with a powerhouse crypto company that has ties to Formula One."
  • "We can partner with them. They understand our values. They're already in F1."

Questions Answered

Who is Brandon Brown?

Brandon Brown is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Sporting Labs, a company dedicated to creating immersive on-chain fantasy leagues within the Solana blockchain, centered around Formula 1 racing.

What is an on-chain fantasy league?

An on-chain fantasy league is a type of virtual game that runs on a blockchain, in which users can create fantasy teams and compete based on real-world outcomes and statistics. Sporting Labs seeks to combine the excitement of Formula 1 with the technology of blockchain to create an engaging fantasy league.

Why was Formula 1 chosen for this fantasy league?

Formula 1 was chosen because of its growing popularity, particularly in the United States, and the enthusiastic community around sim racing and F1 fanatics. The integration of F1 into the fantasy league presents a relatable and dynamic platform that can attract new users to the Solana blockchain.

How does the signing in with Google work for this on-chain platform?

Sporting Labs has partnered with Underdog Protocol to streamline the sign-in process for their game, Podium. Players can sign up and claim their NFTs seamlessly using their Google accounts, which enables easier access for those not familiar with typical crypto wallet setups.

What is the primary goal of Sporting Labs with this new gaming platform?

The primary goal of Sporting Labs is to onboard the next million users to the Solana blockchain by creating an engaging and accessible on-chain fantasy league that caters to the interests of both crypto natives and the broader public with an interest in Formula 1.