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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: Going to Market: Insights from a16z

A16z's insights into decentralization and go-to-market strategies for Web3 and crypto startups are shared during the Breakpoint 2023 conference in Amsterdam.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During the Breakpoint 2023 conference in Amsterdam, insights into the dynamic landscape of Web3 and decentralized applications were shared by an experienced industry expert from a16z. The conversation delved into the unique challenges and emerging strategies in the space, tracking the journey from early decentralized governance to sophisticated on-chain analytics and customer acquisition techniques in the era of decentralization. The shift from traditional business models to community-based approaches was discussed, highlighting the significance of understanding and engaging customers. Additionally, the new crypto startup school initiatives by a16z, including the significance of their London location, were outlined, signaling the firm's commitment to fostering innovation in the Web3 ecosystem globally.

Key Points:

The Evolution of Decentralization

The discussion began with the speaker’s background in decentralized decision-making at Zappos and their subsequent journey through the startup and enterprise sides of blockchain technology. They noted how decentralization has evolved, especially in the realm of governance in Web3, allowing for rapid iterations and improvements compared to traditional centralized systems. This advancement is characterized by sophisticated token-based models and decision-making processes reflective of a more involved community-based approach.

Go-To Market Strategies in Web3

Focusing on customer acquisition, distinctive tactics employed in Web3 were highlighted, such as token-based incentives (like airdrops) and leveraging on-chain transparency to understand customers’ interactions. The integration of Web3-native tactics with traditional Web2 strategies was discussed, emphasizing the importance of blending the two for effective user engagement and retention. The speaker also touched on the significance of ongoing user re-acquisition, a uniquely fluid aspect necessitated by the easy portability of users in Web3 services.

The Significance of Community in Go-To Market Approaches

The conversation shifted to organizational models, where community engagement was cited as crucial, if not more so than traditional sales and marketing roles in Web3 companies. However, the speaker suggested the increasing importance of traditional marketing tactics alongside community building to create a more balanced and effective customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Current Trends in Web3 Customer Acquisition

There appears to be a trend back towards more traditional, Web2-native tactics such as advertising and sponsorships, combined with the native tactics of Web3. Team strategies for customer analysis and targeted engagement were noted as two separate yet equally important components that need to be better integrated for success.

Crypto Startup School and London's Role

A16z's upcoming third iteration of the Crypto Startup School is set to be held in London, marked by the city’s strong educational scene, its positioning as a finance and media hub, and its potential for consistent and practical regulation. The program aims to cultivate global Web3 entrepreneurs by providing them with resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities to scale their ideas into successful businesses.

Facts + Figures

  • The interviewee's path to a16z involved experiences with Zappos, AirSwap, and Amazon Web Services.
  • The conversation centered around Web3 decentralization, evolving governance models, and crypto go-to-market tactics.
  • Token-based incentives and on-chain analytics are critical components of Web3 marketing strategies.
  • Community engagement is increasingly important for Web3 companies, often overshadowing the role of traditional sales and marketing.
  • The third iteration of the Crypto Startup School by a16z will be held in London, chosen for its educational infrastructure, financial significance, and potential regulatory clarity.

Top quotes

  • "There's kind of these stages of're able to go through these stages of governance in much faster ways than you would in, let's say, a city or a traditional government."
  • "It's almost hard to talk about any individual tactic because if there's a successful go-to-market tactic, oftentimes your competitors will kind of go on to that."
  • "In web 3 users have constantly actually have to re-acquire them."
  • "Marketing has come back a little bit in importance."
  • "It's really about being able to fuse those two sides [Web2 practices and Web3 tactics]."
  • "One of the reasons why we're having breakpoint 2024 in Singapore."

Questions Answered

What has changed in the principle of decentralization from Web2 to Web3?

Decentralization has significantly evolved from the Web2 era. It now encompasses more sophisticated governance models and decision-making processes that reflect the progression from a centralized authority to a more participatory, community-based approach. In Web3, decentralization allows for rapid iteration and refinement, which contrasts the slower processes of traditional systems.

How does Web3 change go-to-market strategies for startups?

Web3 introduces unique go-to-market strategies, such as token-based incentives and comprehensive on-chain data analysis, which were uncommon in the Web2 landscape. These strategies allow for detailed customer insights and innovative customer acquisition and retention approaches, essential in the highly competitive and fluid Web3 space.

Why is community engagement increasingly important in Web3's go-to-market approach?

In the Web3 ecosystem, the community is not just an audience but an integral part of the product's growth and evolution. Engaging with the community and building alongside its members have become as crucial as, if not more critical than, traditional sales and marketing strategies, effectively shifting the focus from transactional relationships to collaborative partnerships.

What is the goal of a16z's Crypto Startup School in London?

The goal of a16z's Crypto Startup School in London is to nurture the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs by offering them an environment conducive to learning and innovation. By situating the school in a city known for education, finance, and potential regulatory stability, a16z aims to enable a diverse cohort of founders to realize their visions in the Web3 domain.

What types of tactics are currently popular for filling the top of the marketing funnel in Web3?

The current trend in Web3 marketing involves a return to some traditional Web2 marketing tactics, such as advertising and sponsorships. However, these are being combined with Web3-native strategies to achieve a synergistic effect. There's a growing interest in precisely targeting and engaging users by utilizing data from both on-chain activities and off-chain interactions.