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Earn 7.1% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: Bridging MetaMask Users to Solana

Published on 2023-11-09

Solflare Founder discusses the growth and interoperability of Solana by integrating MetaMask users through a new plugin.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In a recent talk, the co-CEO of SS Wallet and creator of Solflare, Medes Gencel, shared the ambitious journey of onboarding Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) users to the Solana blockchain. Solflare, being a popular Solana-centric wallet, took an innovative approach by leveraging MetaMask's new Snaps feature to expand its reach to a broader user base. With MetaMask being one of the most well-known wallets in the cryptocurrency world boasting up to 35 million active users a month, the integration facilitates a smooth transition for users to manage and transact in Solana without leaving their familiar MetaMask environment. The seamless experience is designed to encourage adoption and utilization of Solana's efficient, speed-optimized blockchain.

Key Points:

Integration of Solflare with MetaMask

Medes Gencel introduced an innovative feature that allows MetaMask users, who are traditionally on the Ethereum network, to interact with the Solana blockchain. By utilizing MetaMask Snaps, they developed a Solana plugin that operates within the same user interface. This means that users can now perform Solana transactions and manage their assets directly through MetaMask without having to switch to another wallet. This integration marks a significant step towards simplifying the user experience across different blockchains, making it more accessible for users from the Ethereum community to explore and dive into the Solana ecosystem.

Bridging Assets to Solana

A critical element of this cross-chain functionality is the ability to easily bridge assets from EVM blockchains to Solana. To address this, Solflare collaborated with Debridge, a partner that enables the direct bridging of assets such as ETH or USDC to Solana's native token, SOL, within a remarkable time frame of less than 30 seconds. The integration provides a direct, unwrapped asset transfer which enriches the user experience by making it efficient and straightforward. Developers can also adopt this feature with minimal coding, further advocating for a wider adoption and use-case scenarios on the Solana platform.

Facts + Figures

  • Solflare was established in 2020 and is known as the first Solana wallet.
  • Approximately 20% of all circulating SOL tokens are staked through Solflare, emphasizing its significance in the Solana ecosystem.
  • MetaMask, which Solflare aims to integrate with, has an estimated 25 to 35 million monthly active users.
  • The MetaMask Snaps feature has been utilized by Solflare to extend its wallet services to include functionality for the Solana blockchain.
  • Through an iframe within a decentralized application (DApp), an embedded Solflare wallet allows users to view and manage their Solana assets by interfacing with MetaMask's Solana-specific APIs.
  • The partnership with Debridge enables the bridging of assets to Solana from any EVM-compatible blockchain in under 30 seconds, without the need for automated market makers (AMMs) or wrapped assets.

Top quotes

  • "Around 20% of all circulating soul is staked through Solvler."
  • "We're basically here for all of you."
  • "We're Solana Maxis and we don't really want to dilute the Solana audience elsewhere."
  • "Let's bring Yivian to us."
  • "We built a Solana plugin."
  • "Our hope is that they stay."

Questions Answered

What is Solflare?

Solflare is the first wallet specifically built for the Solana blockchain. Launched in 2020, it is known as the "staking wallet" given that about 20% of all circulating SOL tokens are staked through it. The goal of Solflare is to provide a seamless, security-focused wallet experience optimized solely for Solana blockchain users.

How has Solflare integrated with MetaMask?

Solflare has created a Solana plugin using MetaMask's Snaps feature, which allows developers to expose additional functionalities. This plugin enables the same seed mnemonic phrase used by EVM users to derive Solana wallets, sign messages, and execute transactions directly within MetaMask. The result is a more connected experience that encourages the use of Solana's blockchain through the familiar MetaMask interface.

What are MetaMask Snaps and how do they work with Solana?

MetaMask Snaps are plugins that enable additional functionality that developers build within the MetaMask environment. By developing a Solana plugin, Solflare made it possible for MetaMask to carry out tasks specific to the Solana blockchain, such as managing Solana balances, accounts, and NFTs. The integration is user-friendly, allowing MetaMask's vast user base to venture into the Solana ecosystem seamlessly.

What is the significance of bridging assets to Solana without wrapped assets or AMMs?

Bridging assets to Solana without the use of wrapped assets or automated market makers (AMMs) is significant because it simplifies the transfer process. Users can directly bridge native EVM tokens to SOL or USDC on the Solana blockchain quickly and without the complexity associated with wrapping or using AMMs, making the process faster and more user-friendly.

Why is this integration newsworthy?

This integration is newsworthy because it represents a major development in blockchain interoperability and user experience. By allowing MetaMask users to directly manage Solana assets, Solflare is breaking down barriers between separate blockchain ecosystems and paving the way for broader blockchain adoption. This initiative can significantly contribute to the growth of Solana and the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

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