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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.2% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Researching the Solana Ecosystem: Challenges, Learnings, and Opportunities

An exploration of the current state and future possibilities within the Solana Ecosystem

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


The latest insights on the Solana ecosystem reveal both hurdles and a spectrum of possibilities for developers and investors alike. The speaker, identifying self as 'Baron' from SUPERTEAM INDIA, shared his experiences and thoughts on the importance of ecosystem research, specifically within the context of Solana. With a history of contributing to the Solana Foundation and publishing extensive research, the presenter made a case for a more nuanced and developed narrative around Solana. He underscored the potential of ecosystem research to attract founders and facilitate the creation of consumer-oriented products. The talk delved into practical methods for conducting research, the significance of data and visual presentation, and the necessity of effective distribution. It concluded with ideas for future research topics and an invitation for collaboration within the Solana community.

Key Points:

The Importance of Ecosystem Research in Solana

Ecosystem research plays a vital role in the development of Solana by painting an accurate picture of its capabilities and providing an inviting narrative for potential developers. Although Solana has experienced recent price volatility, earlier perceptions of it being "dead" have hindered its reputation. The speaker highlighted the ecosystem's comparative lack of media narratives and publications, especially in contrast to EVM-based systems. By showcasing Solana as a chain primed for consumer-focused applications, ecosystem research can drive product development and network effects within the blockchain.

Conducting Ecosystem Research

Baron detailed a two-pronged approach to research: one starting with an original thesis and the other building upon curation from multiple sources. He outlined his process, emphasizing the importance of secondary sources such as publications, reports, and podcasts, as well as the need to engage directly with project founders for primary insights. Substantial stress was placed on the necessity of data backing and the visual appeal of graphics in articulating research findings. Baron also discussed distribution strategies, stressing that content must reach intended audiences to have the intended impact.

Ecosystem Research as Public Goods

The idea that ecosystem research should be considered public goods was advocated. Public goods are assets available to the general populace without exclusive ownership. Baron cited his own work on the DeFi ecosystem map and the Solana payments resource as examples of contributions that positively influenced the ecosystem. He suggested that such research should be funded, highlighting current platforms and grant opportunities available within the Solana community for researchers.

Ideas for Future Research and Collaborative Opportunities

The speaker proposed several topics ripe for exploration: state of the ecosystem reports, thesis-led articles, emerging trend analysis, product case studies, and in-depth analysis of unique Solana technologies. These research avenues offer potential contributors the chance to examine uncharted areas within Solana, inspiring new projects and investments. Baron closed with an open call for collaboration and discussion, offering his contact information for anyone interested in furthering Solana research.

Facts + Figures

  • The speaker has worked in the fintech industry for the past 2 to 3 years before entering crypto.
  • They have been a part of SUPERTEAM for nearly two years and contributed directly to the Solana Foundation's stablecoin initiatives.
  • Over 30 articles on the Solana ecosystem have been published by the speaker.
  • Research in ecosystem development is crucial for narrative-setting around Solana.
  • The speaker outlined a methodical process for conducting research, which includes secondary sourcing, engaging with founders, and using data-driven insights.
  • Ecosystem research can inspire and encourage developers to create products that align with market needs.
  • The speaker mentioned several ecosystem research contributions that have had widespread influence and adoption within the Solana community.
  • Solana funding resources are available through the Solana Foundation, community initiatives such as SUPERTEAM, and project-specific grants programs.
  • A variety of research topics within the Solana ecosystem are yet to be explored extensively.

Top quotes

  1. "So it can be like state of the Ecosystem articles or thesis-led or even case studies."
  2. "Ecosystem Research helps in Ecosystem development."
  3. "The simple answer is setting up the narrative."
  4. "The primary objective of doing Ecosystem Research is like to portray Solana as a consumer chain."
  5. "Anything you are writing should be backed up by some numbers or insights."
  6. "The aesthetic of the cover image and all the graphics will enable readers to make that decision if they want to spend 10-15 minutes of their time to read your article or not."

Questions Answered

What is ecosystem research in the context of Solana?

Ecosystem research in the context of Solana involves analyzing and publishing studies that help grow the ecosystem. This includes articles on the state of the ecosystem, thesis-led research, and case studies, with the aim of improving the ecosystem's development and understanding.

Why is ecosystem research important for Solana?

Ecosystem research is crucial for crafting Solana's narrative. With less discussion about Solana outside its core community, particularly in comparison to Ethereum-based narratives, ecosystem research can highlight Solana's potential as a consumer-focused blockchain, thereby attracting developers and founders.

How does one conduct ecosystem research?

Conducting ecosystem research involves gathering insights from secondary sources, engaging directly with project founders for primary insights, organizing data, incorporating visual elements such as graphics, and ultimately distributing the content effectively. The entire process revolves around creating compelling, data-backed research outputs.

Why should ecosystem research be considered a public good?

Ecosystem research is a public good because it broadly benefits the community without exclusive ownership. By enabling public access to knowledge and insights, it can inspire founders and developers to build on Solana, thereby enhancing the ecosystem's value and utility.

How can researchers get funded for ecosystem research in Solana?

Researchers can secure funding through grants from the Solana Foundation, community-driven platforms like SUPERTEAM, and direct project grants. Building a proof of credibility through consistent publishing and contribution also helps secure funding opportunities.