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Earn 7.2% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.2% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: GainForest - Combating Deforestation Through Innovation

GainForest is blending technology with conservation to fight deforestation and empower communities via blockchain technology.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


At Breakpoint 2023, Simga, co-founder of GainForest, delivered a compelling presentation despite battling the flu, detailing the innovative ways in which GainForest seeks to combat global deforestation through technology. She shared how, by merging remote sensing, AI, drones, and blockchain technology, particularly the Solana platform, GainForest is not only able to monitor and protect forestry but also empower local communities economically. Simga provided insight into the lives of Nandutu from Uganda and other 'eco-preneurs,' illustrating how their lives have been enhanced through GainForest's initiative.

Key Points:

The Introduction of GainForest and Its Mission

GainForest, co-founded by Simga, positions itself at the intersection of technology and environmental conservation. Its mission is to address the pressing issue of global deforestation while empowering individuals like Nandutu, a Ugandan beekeeper who now benefits from sustainable honey production that doesn't necessitate deforestation. GainForest utilizes satellite imagery, aerial drones, and the speed and energy efficiency of the Solana blockchain to create economic opportunities for individuals actively participating in environmental preservation.

Technology Leveraging Blockchain for Conservation

The foundation of GainForest's approach is technological innovation. By employing Solana blockchain, they capitalize on its speed, energy efficiency, and wide reach. Local conservationists like Sylvino from Paraguay and Julius from Kenya are enabled to become part of the digital economy. Sylvino, for example, sells NFTs representing hexagons of the land he's protecting, and these NFTs are dynamic, changing with real-time data. Julius helps locals in Kenya engage in 'measure-to-earn' impact investing, validating environmental preservation efforts.

Measuring Impact Using AI and Remote Sensing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remote sensing are pivotal for data verification in GainForest's model. Project partners collect data manually or through drones, then AI processes this data to analyze tree density, count wildlife species, and monitor forest regeneration. This access to real-time data allows further transparency and enhances the factual basis for rewarding conservation efforts on the ground, aligning with the initiative's 'measure-to-treasure' philosophy.

Facts + Figures

  • GainForest merges technology and environmentalism to fight deforestation and support community empowerment.
  • Nandutu from Uganda is an example of a local community member benefitting from GainForest's initiative by selling sustainable honey.
  • GainForest utilizes Solana for its blockchain needs due to its speed, energy efficiency, and global reach.
  • Sylvino from Paraguay uses Solana to sell dynamic NFTs, which help fund his land conservation efforts.
  • Julius from Kenya uses AI-driven 'measure-to-earn' impact investing to release funds based on environmental conservation efforts.
  • AI algorithms used by GainForest can count trees and wildlife, and monitor biodiversity remotely.
  • Solana's annual carbon footprint is approximately 9500 tons, which compares to the emissions of 1,150 Dutch households.
  • Approximately 100 companies are responsible for 70% of global carbon emissions.

Top quotes

  • "We are dedicated to empower the global south to use technology to fuel their wallet, especially because they are protecting nature and not exploiting it."
  • "We cannot treasure what's out there if we don't measure it."
  • "Solana means business and when we go to stop global deforestation and reward it, we need to empower and improve the financial well-being of people in the most remote areas."
  • "Our friend, these are dynamic NFTs. So they change based on the data on the land."
  • "We take the time to put in every tree so we'll zoom in and as you hover over the land plot, images of the trees in this area will load up."

Questions Answered

How does GainForest use technology to combat deforestation?

GainForest employs satellite imagery, drones, AI, and blockchain technology to both monitor and incentivize forest preservation. This strategy provides real-time data on forest conditions and biodiversity that are used to support and reward conservation efforts, making environmental preservation not only viable but economically beneficial for local communities.

What role does blockchain play in GainForest's initiative?

Blockchain technology, particularly the Solana blockchain, is central to GainForest's operations. It provides a fast, energy-efficient, and globally reaching platform that facilitates the economic empowerment of 'eco-preneurs' involved in conservation efforts. The blockchain underpins the innovative financial incentives that reward individuals for their contributions to environmental protection.

Who benefits from GainForest's project?

Local communities in regions like Uganda, Paraguay, and Kenya benefit directly from GainForest's project. Individuals like Nandutu and Sylvino are empowered to create sustainable livelihoods that align with conservation efforts. In turn, conservation leads to biodiverse, fertile, and climate-resilient landscapes that benefit both local and global ecosystems.

What makes GainForest's approach unique?

The approach is unique in its integration of leading-edge technology with ground-up conservation. GainForest leverages dynamic NFTs, real-time data analysis, and 'measure-to-earn' models, allowing local environmental actions to be quantified, verified, and rewarded in a manner that connects them to the global digital economy.

Are there any environment-related benefits to using Solana blockchain?

Solana blockchain stands out due to its low energy consumption and associated carbon footprint when compared to traditional household emissions. Its efficiency makes it an eco-friendly choice for projects like GainForest that prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness in their operations.