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Earn 6.5% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.5% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Introducing SolanaFM – A Quantum Leap in Blockchain Explorers

SolanaFM unveils a groundbreaking explorer upgrade aimed at enhancing speed, power, and user experience.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During the recent Breakpoint 2023 event, Nicholas Chen, the co-founder and CEO of SolanaFM, introduced a significant upgrade to their blockchain explorer platform coined as "Quantum Explorer". The new explorer is designed to provide users with improved speed, power, and an enhanced interface, which represents a significant advance over existing explorers within the ecosystem. Nicholas Chen highlighted several key features, such as a cleaner and more intuitive interface design, real-time updates, detailed transaction flow visualization, and account categorization. Additionally, the platform intends to integrate innovative solutions for viewing transfers and handling performance improvements.

Key Points:

Revamped Interface

SolanaFM's updated explorer, known as the Quantum Explorer, boasts a major overhaul of its user interface (UI). Acknowledging the initial overwhelming purple theme, Nicholas Chen declared that the interface now adheres to a more definitive light and dark mode selection. The home page has been simplified significantly, shedding extraneous "coming soon" tags and other cluttered elements, ensuring a more streamlined navigation experience for users.

Enhanced Validator Page and Transaction Features

The upgrade introduces a new validators page, fully indexing all the delegators for a validator and offering tools to retrieve rewards. On the transaction side, a transaction flow visualization presents a clearer review of the connections between account interactions within a transaction. A novel feature called transaction headers now provides a succinct summary of a transaction, offering key details such as slippage tolerance, number of hops, and platform fees.

Account Management and QuickView

The accounts section has received a top-to-bottom rewrite to implement proper account categorization. Users can now personalize settings to default to specific tabs, reducing navigation time. The QuickView feature magically summarizes transactions by simply hovering over them, allowing for a rapid understanding of their purpose without delving into the details. In addition, the platform now supports viewing semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) and CNFTs.

Performance and Coverage Enhancements

One of the most impactful improvements comes in the form of performance, with SolanaFM achieving up to 10 times faster loading times. Quantum Explorer employs a multiplexer system that works across multiple RPC providers, ensuring robust reliability and speed. The explorer harnesses ideal-based parsing, which translates to immediate support for any programs that make their IDLs publicly available on-chain.

Facts + Figures

  • User Interface: SolanaFM's Quantum Explorer introduces a minimalist and more intuitive user interface with clear dark and light modes.
  • Validators Page: A newly developed validators page deeply indexes delegators and offers tools to retrieve validator rewards directly.
  • Transaction Flow: A refreshed transaction flow diagram now uses bi-directed, or symmetric directed graphs, to simplify transaction visualization.
  • Transaction Headers: Provide a comprehensive summary of a transaction, including slippage, hops, and fees, on the upper part of the screen.
  • Account Categorization: Rewriting the account management from scratch, SolanaFM allows for categorical organization of accounts.
  • QuickView: This feature offers users a hover-over summary of transactions, supporting various protocols like Tensor and Jupiter.
  • Performance: The explorer has upped its loading speed by up to 10 times faster, offering real-time updates without the usual lag.
  • Multiplexer System: An underlying multiplexer mechanism seamlessly switches across multiple RPC providers to optimize speed and reliability.
  • IDL-based Parsing: Instant support for updates to tools and programs due to on-the-fly parsing of IDLs exposed on-chain.
  • Tax Filtering: A newly implemented feature that aids in tax filing by allowing users to filter transactions by date ranges and token mints.

Top quotes

  • "You've seen the bare-bone interface of Solana FM today. It might be a bit too purple, so here goes."
  • "So right out of the bed, you can see that the home is the same as before, but we've cleaned things up."
  • "So this is the newly developed validators page... we have fully indexed all the delegators for a specific validator."
  • "A brand new transaction flow that flattens out as much edges as possible to make it even more compact."
  • "So that reduces the amount of time you need to evaluate what that transaction is telling you it's doing."
  • "Next up, we have the very last thing. We have performance and coverage."
  • "We've done a lot of layering in the entire infrastructure... to make things even more performant."
  • "We have twice or up to 10 times faster in performance for loading things in the explorer."

Questions Answered

What is SolanaFM?

SolanaFM is a blockchain explorer for the Solana ecosystem designed to offer users insights into transaction flows, accounts, validators, and other on-chain data with high efficiency and user-friendly interfaces.

Why is the Quantum Explorer upgrade important?

The Quantum Explorer upgrade is important because it significantly improves the performance of the SolanaFM explorer, enhancing speed by up to ten times and providing innovative features to simplify the overall user experience for both developers and everyday users of the Solana blockchain.

How does the new validators page benefit users?

The new validators page benefits users by providing comprehensive insights into delegators for specific validators, along with tools to retrieve rewards. This detailed information offers users greater clarity and control over their validator choices and rewards within the Solana ecosystem.

What are QuickView and how do they work?

QuickView is a feature that allows users to get quick summaries of transactions by hovering over them. It simplifies the process of understanding transactions without needing to click into and analyze each one individually, saving users time when reviewing their blockchain activity.

what is ideal-based parsing, and why is it significant?

IDL-based parsing automatically interprets new program updates by reading the Interface Description Language (IDL) files exposed on the blockchain. This ensures that the SolanaFM explorer can support newly developed tools and applications without manual updates, providing users with immediate and accurate information.