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0xJaypeg's View on a Multichain World

By Unlayered

Published on 2024-01-20

Expert insights on Solana's growing dominance, Ethereum's struggles, and the evolving crypto landscape from software engineer and crypto analyst 0xJaypeg

The Rise of Solana and the Challenges Facing Ethereum

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, the landscape is constantly shifting. One of the most notable trends in recent times has been the rise of Solana and the challenges facing Ethereum. Jay, known as 0xJaypeg on Twitter, a software engineer with nearly a decade of experience in backend and distributed systems, shared his insights on these developments in a recent podcast.

Jay's perspective is particularly valuable given his background. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2017, initially with Ethereum, and has since expanded his focus to include other high-performance chains like Solana. His experience includes development work in the NFT space, particularly writing smart contracts for primary distribution on both Ethereum and Solana.

The Current Sentiment in Crypto

The crypto market has seen a significant shift in sentiment recently. Jay notes, "I've never seen so much negative sentiment around ETH since being in crypto. And I've ever seen so much positive sentiment around Solanas as being in crypto." This observation highlights the changing perceptions within the crypto community.

Short-Term Outlook for High Throughput Chains

In the short term, Jay believes that high throughput chains like Solana are likely to perform well. He explains, "I think last cycle, and even in the bear market of 2022 and going through, I think everyone's trying to front run the next narrative." This suggests that there's a growing anticipation for chains that can handle increased activity and user adoption.

Ethereum's Challenges

One of the key issues facing Ethereum is its scalability. Jay points out, "As activity comes back, whether that's a high enough human air drops and so on, I think gas be spiked. Ethereum pretty much becomes unusable and then a lot of folks look for other chains that they can participate on." This highlights the ongoing struggle Ethereum faces in maintaining usability during periods of high network activity.

Developer Migration

An interesting trend Jay observes is the migration of developers to more scalable platforms. He notes, "Developers are also thinking, hey, if I'm building, how do I position myself so I can build on a chain that supports the next 100K million users?" This shift in developer focus could have significant implications for the future of various blockchain ecosystems.

Solana's Growing Strength

Solana has been making significant strides in recent times. Jay observes, "Just with the when-air drop with Jupiter, just salon is shrugging off all of this activity. When it's a hot time for state contention and even doing more TPS than a day to a year ago, it feels to me like we're kind of busting some of those myths around salon and going down with real data." This demonstrates Solana's growing capability to handle high levels of network activity.

The Role of Economic Security

Despite Solana's advancements, Jay acknowledges that Ethereum still holds an advantage in terms of economic security due to its higher market capitalization. He explains, "If I'm someone that's been in the space for a while and I have nine figures, ten figures, and I want to store my wealth somewhere, I think there's a question of, hey, would I be comfortable storing on salon or would I be comfortable storing on Ethereum?"

Ethereum's Positioning Challenge

Jay raises an interesting point about Ethereum's positioning in the crypto ecosystem. He suggests that Ethereum might be caught in a middle ground, stating, "Where is on the spectrum of smart contract platform to store value or medium of exchange, whatever you want to call it, where does Ethereum stand? It does really seem like it's in the middle, at least Ethereum L1 is."

The Narrative of ETH as an Internet Bond

The concept of ETH as an "internet bond" has gained traction recently. Jay comments on this, saying, "I think there's definitely an appeal to it. I mean, trad by, they love passive income, yield, and so on, but I think it's, I think that with the burn, definitely is a very strong narrative." However, he also notes the volatility of ETH, which complicates this narrative.

NFTs and Their Future

As someone with significant experience in the NFT space, Jay offers valuable insights into this sector. He believes that the 10k PFP (Profile Picture) model is here to stay, but with a caveat: "I think everything else is big a week beta to that where there's definitely going to be some projects that do well, but largely it's the top projects at crew value."

The Impact of the Bear Market on NFTs

Jay points out an interesting development in the NFT space: "This was really the first bear market for NFTs, right, in terms of, NFTs became a primitive last cycle and then, you know, over the past year, 18 months, we definitely saw a large decline in activity." This bear market has revealed which NFT communities and collections have staying power.

NFTs as Web3 Ad Targeting

An intriguing concept Jay introduces is the use of NFTs as a form of web3 ad targeting. He explains, "These communities are perfect in the sense of they've been around for a while. They stuck through the bear. Most of them are extremely well connected building in the space or investing in the space. And being able to drop to them is kind of this shortcut or equivalent of ad targeting."

The Future of NFTs in the Bull Market

Looking ahead to the potential resurgence of NFTs in the next bull market, Jay suggests, "I can definitely see second half the bull market massive resurgence in NFTs and, and I'm sure we'll look back at probably the prices today of some of them and just just thing. And that was the opportunity, because it's the underplayed moves which which tend to be the most rewarding ones."

Solana's Token Extensions

One of the most exciting recent developments in the Solana ecosystem is the introduction of token extensions. Jay provides valuable insights into this feature, stating, "I think token extensions really builds on the end of the spectrum that caters to, you know, businesses and enterprise." He goes on to explain how these extensions allow for customization of token functionality, from adding privacy features to implementing complex transaction logic.

The Strategic Advantage of Solana's Token Extensions

Jay highlights the strategic advantage that Solana's token extensions provide: "If you're a business and you see this and it's on a great job showing out the case studies and doing the sales to you, why would you go and try in the short term, the spin up a modular blockchain or custom solution. When you can work with the salon a team to spin that interface of the token extensions into something that fits your use case."

Solana's Head Start in the Blockchain Race

The introduction of token extensions has given Solana a significant head start in the blockchain race. Jay notes, "Now what's clear to me is that Solana just had such a head start at this point. They now added all these features and no other parallelized blockchain that's fast has today." This advantage could prove crucial in attracting developers and enterprises to the Solana ecosystem.

The Potential Impact on Other Blockchain Ecosystems

Jay suggests that Solana's advancements could potentially subsume entire chains that existed for specific purposes. He states, "For instance, evergreen subnets exist for KYC will now transfer hooks enable KYC verification." This development could significantly reshape the blockchain landscape.

The Importance of Enterprise Adoption

Looking ahead, Jay emphasizes the importance of enterprise adoption for Solana's token extensions. He states, "The last piece that is missing is the case study where they partner with a big enterprise user. The enterprise user has a great experience as always get things as metrics to show for it. And then I think after that, it's a done deal as far as why would you do that?"

Solana's Barbell Strategy

Jay introduces an interesting perspective on Solana's approach to different user segments: "I think Solana is a really interesting chain because they almost have this barbell strategy where they target the DJs, you know, the shit coins, you know, the NFTs, the, that, that side of the spectrum and then you have the other side of the spectrum, which is very enterprise very corporate users very targeted towards web to or traditional tech or traditional finance businesses."

The Future of Meme Coins

When discussing the potential for meme coins to bring more users into the crypto space, Jay draws an interesting parallel with sports betting: "I think the meme coins is right for the next next run of retail because I think in the past year or two years, the sports betting and the online gambling related platforms have gone a lot more sophisticated a lot more sophisticated the bets with the parlays."

Coinbase's Potential Growth

Discussing the future of Coinbase, Jay provides an optimistic outlook: "I think in the next two or three years, I think Coinbase would, would be, will be huge in terms of, I think the upper bound is some of the bulge bracket banks in the US. So I think Goldman and JV Morgan are valued at three 400 billion. Visa is valued at something like 400 billion. So I think that's their upper bound really in the next two to three years, maybe five years timeframe, depending on external circumstances."

Coinbase's Strategic Moves

Jay highlights some of Coinbase's strategic moves, particularly their development of the Base L2 solution: "They built base, it's an L2, it's built on the OP stack. They actually had a deal with optimism where optimism, or they get, I think, 15% of optimism is total token supply over six, investing over six years in exchange for optimism gets either two and a half percent or some percent of their sequencer fees, fees or profit."

The Importance of Relative Valuations

In his closing thoughts, Jay emphasizes the importance of watching relative valuations between different blockchain ecosystems: "I think that the things I'm really looking at are the Solana equivalents on, or the deer, the equivalent of Unisla blur and so on on Solana and how those, those metrics shape up against Solana versus Ethereum."

The Impact of Transaction Costs on User Behavior

Jay points out an interesting dynamic between transaction costs and user behavior: "Or something like Ethereum because gas prices are so high, users aren't as incentivized to transact frequently, because you know you're paying $100 for a swap. Whereas on Solana it's the opposite in the sense of, oh, it's like sub one cent for a swap. I'm going to transact as much as I can, or as much as I like to, because it literally costs nothing."

The Future of Decentralized Exchanges on Solana

Looking ahead, Jay anticipates interesting developments in the decentralized exchange (DEX) space on Solana: "The hardest one for me to value is the deck side because Solana is weird where everyone uses an aggregator by default as their quote uni swap, whereas eat a lot of people don't necessarily like reach for one inch. Regardless, I do think Jupiter will do really well in terms of just having a high FTV."

In conclusion, Jay's insights provide a comprehensive overview of the current state and future potential of various blockchain ecosystems, with a particular focus on Solana's growing strengths and Ethereum's challenges. His technical background and experience in the crypto space offer valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and its applications.

Facts + Figures

  • Jay has spent nearly a decade as a software engineer focusing on backend and distributed systems.
  • Jay has been involved in the crypto space since 2017, initially with Ethereum.
  • Solana is currently experiencing the most positive sentiment Jay has seen in crypto.
  • Ethereum is facing challenges with gas fees spiking during periods of high activity.
  • Developers are increasingly looking to build on chains that can support 100K-million users.
  • Solana has been handling more TPS (Transactions Per Second) than it did a year ago.
  • Ethereum still holds an advantage in terms of economic security due to its higher market capitalization.
  • The 10k PFP (Profile Picture) model in NFTs is likely to persist, with the top projects accruing most of the value.
  • NFTs experienced their first bear market over the past 18 months.
  • Solana's token extensions allow for customization of token functionality, including privacy features and complex transaction logic.
  • Coinbase's potential upper bound valuation is suggested to be around $300-400 billion in the next 2-5 years.
  • Coinbase has developed Base, an L2 solution built on the OP stack.
  • Transaction costs on Solana are sub one cent, compared to potentially $100 on Ethereum.
  • Jupiter, a decentralized exchange on Solana, is expected to perform well in terms of FTV (Fully Diluted Valuation).

Questions Answered

What are the current sentiments around Ethereum and Solana in the crypto community?

According to Jay, there is currently unprecedented negative sentiment around Ethereum and positive sentiment around Solana. This shift in perception reflects the growing challenges Ethereum faces with scalability and gas fees, while Solana continues to demonstrate its ability to handle high transaction volumes efficiently.

How are high gas fees affecting Ethereum's usability?

High gas fees on Ethereum are making the network increasingly unusable during periods of high activity. As Jay explains, when activity increases due to events like airdrops, gas fees spike, making Ethereum transactions prohibitively expensive for many users. This issue is driving users and developers to look for alternative chains that can provide more affordable and consistent transaction costs.

What advantage does Solana's token extensions offer?

Solana's token extensions provide a significant advantage by allowing for customization of token functionality. This includes features such as added privacy, permission-based transactions, and complex transaction logic. As Jay points out, these extensions make Solana particularly attractive for businesses and enterprises looking to implement blockchain solutions without the need to develop a custom blockchain from scratch.

How does the bear market impact NFT communities?

The recent bear market, which Jay describes as the first for NFTs, has served as a test of resilience for NFT communities. It has revealed which collections and communities have staying power, with those that remained active and engaged during the downturn now being seen as more valuable. This period has also led to interesting developments, such as NFT communities being targeted for token airdrops due to their demonstrated loyalty and engagement.

What is the potential future valuation of Coinbase?

Jay suggests that Coinbase could potentially reach valuations similar to major financial institutions in the next few years. He estimates an upper bound of around $300-400 billion in the next 2-5 years, comparable to companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, or Visa. This projection is based on Coinbase's position as a leading crypto exchange and its expansion into other areas of the crypto ecosystem.

How do transaction costs on Solana compare to Ethereum?

The difference in transaction costs between Solana and Ethereum is stark. Jay notes that while an Ethereum swap might cost $100 in gas fees, a similar transaction on Solana costs less than one cent. This massive difference in cost has significant implications for user behavior, with Solana users able to transact much more frequently due to the negligible fees.

What is the "barbell strategy" that Solana is employing?

Jay describes Solana's approach as a "barbell strategy," where they cater to two distinct ends of the spectrum. On one end, they target more speculative activities like meme coins and NFTs. On the other end, they focus on enterprise and corporate users, particularly those from traditional tech or finance backgrounds. This strategy allows Solana to appeal to a wide range of users and use cases.

How might meme coins contribute to broader crypto adoption?

Jay draws an interesting parallel between meme coins and the evolution of sports betting platforms. He suggests that meme coins could drive the next wave of retail adoption in crypto, much like how sophisticated betting options have increased engagement in sports betting. The accessibility and potential for virality of meme coins could serve as an entry point for new users into the broader crypto ecosystem.

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