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5 Pro-Tips to Win The Solana Hackathon

By Superteam

Published on 2023-02-18

Discover 5 essential pro-tips to increase your chances of winning a Solana hackathon, including problem-solving, Solana-specific development, and effective presentation techniques.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!

5 Pro-Tips to Win The Solana Hackathon

The Solana ecosystem is buzzing with excitement as the Grizzlython hackathon approaches, offering over $5 million in prizes across multiple tracks. For developers and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the blockchain space, this event presents an incredible opportunity. But with fierce competition, how can you maximize your chances of success? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore five essential pro-tips to help you stand out and potentially win big at the Solana hackathon.

What is Grizzlython?

Grizzlython is Solana's latest global hackathon, featuring over 50 prizes totaling $5 million in value. This event offers participants worldwide exposure and the chance to gain respect within the crypto community. With multiple tracks and five prizes per track, Grizzlython is set to showcase some of the most innovative projects in the Solana ecosystem.

The submission deadline for Grizzlython is March 15th, giving participants ample time to develop and refine their projects. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain developer or new to the space, this hackathon provides an excellent platform to showcase your skills and potentially launch a successful project on Solana.

Tip 1: Focus on Real Problems, Not Buzzwords

One of the most crucial aspects of winning a Solana hackathon is identifying and addressing real problems within the blockchain space. Nick Garfield, co-founder of Clockwork (a previous hackathon grand prize winner), emphasizes that having a strong problem statement can often outweigh the importance of a fully polished demo.

When brainstorming ideas, consider tackling issues such as:

  1. User onboarding challenges
  2. Improving retail user experience
  3. Enhancing DAO governance
  4. Addressing network state concerns

Avoid getting caught up in buzzwords like "metaverse" or vague AI applications. Judges are looking for solutions that solve practical problems and add genuine value to the Solana ecosystem.

Ido, a team lead at Superteam, offers valuable advice: "Is the solution significantly better because of adding crypto, or would it be better off without it?" This question helps filter out ideas that don't truly benefit from blockchain technology and focuses your efforts on meaningful applications.

Another important consideration comes from Chaks, who states, "Most judges evaluate projects really from the perspective of: is it net positive to the ecosystem? Will it bring more users or liquidity?" This insight highlights the importance of addressing the core challenges faced by the crypto industry, such as attracting users and increasing liquidity.

When developing your project, keep in mind Armani's advice to "focus on the demand side of crypto." With a relatively small user base in the crypto world, projects that can bring in new users or solve problems for existing blockchain users are more likely to catch the judges' attention.

Tip 2: Build Solana-Specific Products

To truly stand out in a Solana hackathon, it's crucial to leverage the unique features and strengths of the Solana blockchain. Many participants make the mistake of simply porting successful Ethereum projects to Solana, but this approach is unlikely to impress the judges.

Mert, co-founder of Helius, emphasizes this point: "You get instant points if you've built something that only can be built on Solana, especially stuff that other chains cannot contend with." This advice is echoed by Mary Gunnurate, co-founder of Bridge Slip, who states, "I'd rather see a uniquely successful mechanism or interface versus a smoother version of an existing Solana or ETH project."

When developing your project, consider Solana's specific strengths:

  1. Speed: Solana's high-speed transactions enable applications that require near-instantaneous responses. Projects like Wordcel (a decentralized publishing platform) and Tensor Trade (a high-performance NFT marketplace) showcase how Solana's speed can create unique user experiences.

  2. Composability: Solana's shared state allows for seamless interaction between different applications. Projects like Dialect messaging protocol take advantage of this feature to create innovative cross-app communication solutions.

  3. Order Books: Solana's ability to support high-frequency order books sets it apart from other blockchains. DeFi projects that leverage this capability can offer unique trading experiences.

  4. Mobile-First Approach: Solana's fast and cheap transactions make it well-suited for mobile applications, especially in emerging markets. Consider developing solutions that cater to these users, such as Tiplink, which allows anyone to create a wallet with just a link.

By focusing on Solana-specific features and use cases, you'll demonstrate to the judges that your project is not only innovative but also uniquely positioned to succeed on the Solana blockchain.

Tip 3: Start Marketing Early

While it may seem counterintuitive, especially for developers focused on building, marketing your project early can significantly impact your chances of success. Mitch, co-founder of Switchboard (another major prize winner), advises: "Being generally active in Solana communities and Discord will help bring early attention to you and your project."

Here are some strategies to start marketing your hackathon project:

  1. Create a Twitter page: As soon as you have a project idea, create a Twitter account and start sharing updates. This helps build awareness and anticipation for your project.

  2. Engage in relevant Discord communities: Join Discord servers of major Solana protocols and projects related to your idea. Ask questions, seek feedback, and network with other developers and community members.

  3. Build in public: Share your progress, challenges, and insights as you develop your project. This transparency can help attract interest and support from the community.

  4. Leverage social media engagement: Port Finance, a previous prize winner, included their social media engagement metrics in their submission, demonstrating the buzz around their project.

Chase Barker, a prominent figure in the Solana ecosystem, explains the benefits of early marketing: "It could be seen early by one of the judges and get flagged to others to make sure they review it closely." By creating awareness before the submission deadline, you increase the chances of judges recognizing and paying attention to your project during the evaluation process.

Remember, while marketing is important, it's crucial to strike a balance between promotion and development. As the saying goes, "All sizzle and no steak makes Jack a Web3 clown, and all steak and no sizzle makes Jack a crypto nerd." Aim for a healthy mix of both to maximize your chances of success.

Tip 4: Create a Functional UI

When it comes to impressing the judges, a functional user interface can make a significant difference. While it doesn't need to be a design masterpiece, having a working UI that judges can interact with greatly enhances your project's appeal.

Armani from Backpack emphasizes this point: "It doesn't have to be perfect or complete, but a working UI is much more digestible/pitchable for judges than just an API or often just a deck." This sentiment is shared across many judges, highlighting the importance of visual representation for your project.

If you're not a design expert, don't worry. Here are some tips to create a functional UI:

  1. Use landing page templates: Platforms like Envato offer pre-designed templates that you can customize for your project.

  2. Leverage AI tools: Use services like Midjourney to generate graphics or logos for your project.

  3. Collaborate with designers: If you lack design skills, consider using the "Find a Team" feature on the Grizzlython website to connect with designers who can help create your UI.

  4. Focus on functionality over aesthetics: Remember, the goal is to have something tangible that judges can interact with, not necessarily a polished final product.

Switchboard's submission UI serves as an excellent example. While not visually stunning, it provided a clear representation of their project's functionality, which ultimately contributed to their win.

By creating a functional UI, you're not only making your project more accessible to judges but also demonstrating your ability to think beyond just the backend code. This holistic approach can set you apart from competitors who may only focus on the technical aspects of their projects.

Tip 5: Craft a Compelling Presentation

The final and crucial tip for winning a Solana hackathon is to invest significant time and effort into your presentation. Many participants make the mistake of leaving their submission preparation to the last minute, which can severely impact their chances of success.

Chase Barker emphasizes the importance of a strong presentation: "If you don't get past the presentation/judging pit stage, no one will ever even see your code." This insight reveals the judging process: presentations are used as an initial filter before judges dive into the code of promising projects.

To create a compelling presentation, consider the following:

  1. Create a demo video: Produce a clear, concise demo video lasting 2-4 minutes (never exceeding 5 minutes). Script your video carefully to ensure you communicate your project's value effectively.

  2. Use a pitch deck: Utilize a well-structured pitch deck to present your project. Superteam offers a customizable template that can serve as a starting point for your presentation.

  3. Highlight your team's strengths: Maddy, head of growth at Solana Foundation, notes: "One thing we look at: why are you and your team well-suited to continue developing the product?" Emphasize your team's expertise and commitment to the project.

  4. Include a business model: Chuck Charker advises, "Since a global hackathon is essentially a startup competition, having a business model will massively increase your chances for VC investment." While you don't need detailed financial projections, demonstrating that you've thought about your project's sustainability can be a significant advantage.

  5. Use clear visuals: Solend's winning deck from a previous hackathon demonstrates how simple, clear visuals can effectively communicate your project's benefits and use cases.

Remember, the Solana hackathon is not just about coding skills; it's also about your ability to present and pitch your idea effectively. By investing time in your presentation, you significantly increase your chances of catching the judges' attention and advancing in the competition.

Finding Inspiration and Resources

If you're still searching for project ideas or want to learn from past successes, Superteam has created valuable resources to help hackathon participants:

  1. This website offers over 85 project ideas across various categories, providing inspiration and potential solutions to explore during the hackathon.

  2. Past Winners List: Superteam has compiled a comprehensive list of over 200 prize winners from previous Solana hackathons. This resource includes links to presentations, GitHub repositories, and active websites, allowing you to study successful projects and gain insights into what judges value.

These resources can be invaluable for both newcomers and experienced developers looking to refine their approach to the hackathon.

Buildstations: Collaborative Spaces for Hackathon Participants

To further support participants, Superteam has organized buildstations in various countries around the world. These physical locations provide a space for hackathon participants to meet, collaborate, and receive mentorship. If you're not near a physical buildstation, Superteam also offers remote sessions where you can get advice and feedback on your project.

Conclusion: Your Path to Hackathon Success

Participating in the Solana Grizzlython hackathon is an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills, potentially win substantial prizes, and make a meaningful impact on the blockchain ecosystem. By following these five pro-tips – focusing on real problems, building Solana-specific solutions, marketing early, creating a functional UI, and crafting a compelling presentation – you'll significantly increase your chances of success.

Remember, the Solana hackathon is more than just a coding competition; it's a launchpad for innovative ideas and potentially successful startups. Approach it with the mindset of solving real-world problems and creating sustainable solutions that can thrive in the Solana ecosystem.

With $5 million in prizes at stake and the potential for global recognition, there's never been a better time to dive into Solana development. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain developer or new to the space, the Grizzlython hackathon offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and potentially launch the next big thing in crypto.

So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming, gather your team, and get ready to make your mark on the Solana ecosystem. The future of blockchain innovation is waiting, and you could be the one to shape it.

Facts + Figures

  • Grizzlython is Solana's latest global hackathon with over $5 million in prizes across 50+ categories.
  • The submission deadline for Grizzlython is March 15th, 2023.
  • Solana hackathons are considered flagship events in the crypto space, offering global exposure and respect.
  • Clockwork, a previous hackathon grand prize winner, succeeded despite having a "fuzzy, buggy" product that barely worked.
  • Judges prioritize projects that solve real problems and bring more users or liquidity to the Solana ecosystem.
  • Solana's unique strengths include high speed, composability, order book support, and suitability for mobile-first approaches.
  • Wordcel and Tensor Trade are examples of successful Solana-specific projects that leveraged the blockchain's speed.
  • Port Finance included social media engagement metrics in their hackathon submission, demonstrating the importance of early marketing.
  • Judges often use presentations as an initial filter before reviewing code, making a compelling presentation crucial for success.
  • Superteam has compiled a list of over 200 prize winners from previous Solana hackathons, available as a resource for participants.
  • offers over 85 project ideas for hackathon inspiration.
  • Superteam has organized physical buildstations in various countries and offers remote mentorship sessions for hackathon participants.

Questions Answered

What is Grizzlython?

Grizzlython is Solana's latest global hackathon, offering over $5 million in prizes across more than 50 categories. It provides participants with worldwide exposure and the opportunity to gain respect within the crypto community. The event features multiple tracks with five prizes per track, showcasing some of the most innovative projects in the Solana ecosystem.

How can I increase my chances of winning a Solana hackathon?

To increase your chances of winning a Solana hackathon, focus on five key areas: 1) Solve real problems rather than chasing buzzwords, 2) Build Solana-specific products that leverage the blockchain's unique features, 3) Start marketing your project early to build awareness, 4) Create a functional UI to demonstrate your project's capabilities, and 5) Craft a compelling presentation that effectively communicates your project's value and potential.

What types of projects are judges looking for in Solana hackathons?

Judges in Solana hackathons are primarily looking for projects that solve real problems within the blockchain space and add value to the Solana ecosystem. They prioritize solutions that can bring more users or liquidity to the platform, address existing challenges faced by blockchain users, or leverage Solana's unique features such as high speed, composability, and order book support. Projects that demonstrate a clear understanding of the market demand and have potential for long-term sustainability are particularly favored.

How important is the presentation in a Solana hackathon?

The presentation is crucial in a Solana hackathon, often serving as the initial filter for judges before they review the project's code. A compelling presentation should include a clear, concise demo video (2-4 minutes long), a well-structured pitch deck, and highlights of your team's strengths and the project's business potential. Investing significant time in your presentation (at least 20% of your total effort) can greatly increase your chances of advancing in the competition and catching the judges' attention.

Are there resources available to help with Solana hackathon preparation?

Yes, there are several resources available to help with Solana hackathon preparation. Superteam offers a website ( with over 85 project ideas across various categories. They have also compiled a comprehensive list of over 200 prize winners from previous Solana hackathons, including links to presentations, GitHub repositories, and active websites. Additionally, Superteam organizes physical buildstations in various countries and offers remote mentorship sessions to support hackathon participants.

How can I make my project stand out as Solana-specific?

To make your project stand out as Solana-specific, focus on leveraging the blockchain's unique features. Consider building applications that benefit from Solana's high-speed transactions, such as real-time trading platforms or interactive social applications. Utilize Solana's composability to create innovative cross-app interactions. Explore projects that take advantage of Solana's order book support for DeFi applications. Additionally, consider developing mobile-first solutions that cater to users in emerging markets, capitalizing on Solana's fast and cheap transactions.

How early should I start marketing my hackathon project?

You should start marketing your hackathon project as soon as you have a concrete idea, even before you've completed the development. Create a Twitter page for your project and begin sharing updates on your progress. Engage with relevant Solana communities on Discord, ask for feedback, and network with other developers. Building in public and sharing your journey can help create buzz around your project and potentially catch the attention of judges before the formal judging process begins.

What should I include in my hackathon presentation?

Your hackathon presentation should include several key elements: 1) A clear, concise demo video (2-4 minutes long) showcasing your project's functionality, 2) A well-structured pitch deck that outlines your project's problem statement, solution, and potential impact, 3) Information about your team's expertise and why you're well-suited to continue developing the product, 4) A basic business model or sustainability plan for your project, and 5) Clear visuals that effectively communicate your project's benefits and use cases. Remember to keep your presentation engaging and focused on demonstrating the value your project brings to the Solana ecosystem.

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