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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Orca Presents the OPOS - A Game Changer for Liquidity Providers

Orca introduces its innovative liquidity terminal, designed to streamline liquidity provision and maximize profitability on the Solana network.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In an engaging presentation set against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s waterways, Orca co-founders Ori and Yutaro introduce the "liquidity terminal," a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the liquidity providing (LP) experience on the Solana blockchain. Comparing liquidity provision to fishing, they highlight inefficiencies faced by LPs and offer the liquidity terminal as a solution to optimize yield generation strategically. The terminal provides real-time analytics, yield backtesting, time-to-profit estimation, and other advanced features poised to transform liquidity provision into a more informed and profitable endeavor.

Key Points:

Understanding Liquidity Provision

Liquidity provision in decentralized finance (DeFi) has often been a game of trial and error, akin to fishing without knowledge of where the most fruitful grounds are. Traditionally, LPs operate on educated guesses, gradually learning through experience which liquidity positions yield the best returns. Orca aims to drastically improve this process through their liquidity terminal, helping LPs make data-driven decisions much like a savvy fisherman would make use of historical catch data to find the best spots.

Orca Liquidity Terminal – A One-Stop Shop

The liquidity terminal is developed as a one-stop solution for LPs to not only analyze their pools and manage positions but execute transactions with enhanced efficiency. Inspired by computer terminals, it acts as the interface through which LPs can view information, execute commands, and receive real-time updates—significantly improving the decision-making process involved in liquidity provision on Orca. The terminal offers sophisticated yet user-friendly features such as an intuitive price chart interface, the yieldfinder for analyzing potential profitability, and seamless position management tools.

Features of the Liquidity Terminal

Key features of the liquidity terminal include:

  • A comprehensive price chart to track the asset price history and assist in strategic range selection.
  • The "yieldfinder," which allows for easy backtesting of potential APR across different price ranges, directly in the interface.
  • Integration with the smart contract logic to calculate exact yields and project profitability accurately.
  • The "time to profit estimator," which predicts how long an asset price must remain within a selected range for the yield to compensate for any potential divergence loss.

These features were developed based on thorough user research with existing LPs, ensuring relevancy and effectiveness in real-world application.

Facts + Figures

  • The goal of Orca is to be the best liquidity protocol on the Solana blockchain.
  • Orca claims to have driven more trading volume than all other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) combined over the past year.
  • The liquidity terminal is built from the ground up and inspired by conventional computer terminals.
  • Analysis tools in the terminal include real-time price charts and the yieldfinder for backtesting LP strategies.
  • Advanced features to support LPs in research will be included, such as easier repositioning and profit and loss monitoring.
  • The closed beta for the liquidity terminal was announced during the presentation, inviting audience members to apply.
  • Orca aims to utilize human-centered design to tailor its offerings based on LP feedback and user experiences.
  • Additional features are planned to develop the liquidity terminal further and enhance user interaction.

Top quotes

  • "So our goal at Orca is to be the best liquidity protocol on Solana."
  • "We need a healthy and competitive community of LPs so that whenever traders are trading, they get the best price possible."
  • "The game for LPs is figuring out how long they can keep the price in range so that they can maximize their yield."
  • "Nothing is more informative than actually hearing the experiences of users in real time."
  • "With these improvements, we'll continue to advance towards this vision again of making it as power user of an experience as possible for those users who really want to dive deep."
  • "The price needs to stay within the price range for 2.3 days on the upper end or 1.5 days on the bottom end before the yield earned equals the divergence loss and the position starts making money."

Questions Answered

What is Orca's goal for its platform?

Orca aims to be the best liquidity protocol on the Solana blockchain. They pursue this by providing efficient tools for liquidity providers and fostering a healthy, competitive LP community to ensure that traders receive the most favorable pricing when executing trades.

How does the Orca liquidity terminal improve the LP experience?

The liquidity terminal offers a centralized interface for LPs to analyze pool data, manage positions, and execute transactions all in one place. With features like the yieldfinder for calculating potential returns and time-to-profit estimators, LPs can make better-informed decisions to optimize their yield and profitability.

What are some key features of the liquidity terminal?

Key features of the terminal include a detailed price chart for assessing historical prices, backtesting functionality through the yieldfinder, and the time to profit estimator, which allows LPs to predict when their position will become profitable relative to possible divergence loss.

Why is the introduction of the Orca liquidity terminal significant?

The launch of the Orca liquidity terminal is significant because it addresses the inefficiencies in liquidity provision on DEXs. The terminal empowers LPs with robust analytics and forecasting tools, which can lead to smarter investment strategies, better utilization of capital, and potentially higher earnings.

Who can participate in the closed beta for the liquidity terminal?

The closed beta for the Orca liquidity terminal is open for applications. Interested users can apply by scanning a QR code shared during the presentation, which allows them an opportunity to be among the first to experience the new interface and provide feedback to Orca developers.