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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: Music by Josh Savage

Independent artist Josh Savage performs at Breakpoint, sharing personal insights and connecting with the crypto community.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Josh Savage, an independent musical artist known for his pioneering work with Music NFTs, performed at Breakpoint 2023. During his early morning set, he not only shared his songs with a live audience but also connected with them through stories and dedications. He spoke about the struggles artists face, the importance of appreciating one's journey, and the resilience of both himself and the broader crypto community amidst challenging market conditions. His words resonated with themes of perseverance, growth, and the significance of community support in creative industries.

Key Points:

The Artist's Background and Connection with the Audience

Josh Savage took the stage to delight and inspire the audience with his music and personal journey. As an independent artist based in Berlin, he emphasized the connection he feels with fellow creators and the broader community. He spoke candidly about the common challenges artists face, such as self-doubt and frustration, which he channels into his music. Savage's vulnerability and relatability struck a chord with the audience, demonstrating the power of music to unite people through shared experiences.

The Role of Music and NFTs in Savage's Career

Savage didn’t delve into specifics about Music NFTs during the performance, but his reputation as a pioneer in this space adds a layer of intrigue to his involvement with Breakpoint 2023. Music NFTs represent a new way for artists to monetize their work and engage with their audience through ownership of digital assets. This innovative approach to distribution and fan interaction signifies a shift in how independent artists like Savage can sustain their careers in the digital age.

Facts + Figures

  • Josh Savage is an independent artist and a pioneer in Music NFTs.
  • He is based in Berlin, originally from the UK.
  • Breakpoint 2023 hosted Savage for a music performance.
  • Savage performed his songs early on a Friday morning.
  • He dedicated one of his songs to the audience at Breakpoint and to viewers watching the performance.
  • Savage mentioned going through the "worst bear market of all time in crypto" and surviving it.
  • He also spoke about a weekly livestream event he hosts where participants can win his work through a quiz.
  • Savage invited the audience to join his Discord community named 'Savage Gardens'.
  • His song “Don't Mind the Rain” is part of his Love Letters Collection, which is available online.

Top quotes

  • "And yeah, these are my songs. I hope you enjoy."
  • "I know we can get very frustrated with ourselves, very cruel to ourselves often at times..."
  • "...look back to when you were 14 and look how far you've come..."
  • "We've just been through the worst bear market of all time in crypto and we're still here, so let's fucking go."
  • "It's really good to get to know the Solana family more and I've had such a wonderful time."

Questions Answered

Who is Josh Savage?

Josh Savage is an independent musical artist recognized for his efforts in integrating music with NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Based out of Berlin but hailing originally from the UK, Savage has been actively engaging with his audience not just through traditional means but also through digital platforms and communities related to cryptocurrency and NFTs.

What was the significance of Josh Savage's performance at Breakpoint 2023?

Josh Savage's performance was significant as it highlighted how artists can continue to connect and resonate with their audience, even amidst challenges like a bearish crypto market. Savage, through his music and personal anecdotes, represented the resilience of artists and the potential of innovative avenues like Music NFTs to transform the music industry.

Why should people care about Music NFTs?

Music NFTs represent a revolutionary shift in the way artists distribute their music and how fans can support them. By tokenizing their work, artists potentially earn better by having more control over their sales and fostering direct relationships with their fanbase. For the audience, owning Music NFTs means supporting their favorite artists in a more personal and meaningful way.

What topics did Josh Savage address in his songs and discussions?

Savage's songs and the discussions in between addressed the themes of self-reflection, the struggles of pursuing a passion, and the importance of appreciating one's progress. These topics, particularly in the context of the challenges faced in creative industries, create a universal connection with listeners who have endured similar journeys, regardless of the field.

How can fans get more involved with Josh Savage's music?

Fans can join Savage's Discord community, 'Savage Gardens', to engage with his weekly livestream events, participate in quizzes, and potentially win his work. It provides an avenue for a more interactive and community-oriented experience with the artist, beyond just streaming or purchasing his music online.