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Real Vision in India, Future Plans and Community Building

By Superteam

Published on 2022-11-06

Raoul Pal reveals Real Vision's plans for India, upcoming token launch, and vision for a unified financial community platform

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!

Real Vision's Ambitious Plans for India and Web3 Expansion

In a recent interview, Raoul Pal, co-founder of Real Vision, shared exciting insights into the company's expansion into India and its broader vision for revolutionizing financial education and community building. This article delves into Real Vision's strategies for the Indian market, their upcoming Web3 initiatives, and the potential impact on the global financial landscape.

Real Vision India: Bridging the Education Gap

Real Vision, a platform known for its high-quality financial content, is setting its sights on India. Raoul Pal, who is half Indian himself, recognized a significant opportunity to make a difference in the country's financial education landscape. He pointed out the current state of financial content in India, particularly on YouTube and television channels like CNBC India, describing it as "shockingly bad" and in need of improvement.

The primary goal of Real Vision India is to provide young Indians with the education and tools they need to become better investors. Pal emphasized the importance of this mission:

"So what we need to do is educate people, as you guys are doing, on what is the real opportunity here, and how to navigate it and give them the tools. So that's the idea of Real Vision India, is over time we'll build a community, and then we'll give the community the tools that they need so they can all learn how to become better investors."

This initiative aligns with Real Vision's broader mission of democratizing financial information, ensuring that Indians have access to the same knowledge base as their global counterparts.

Pricing Strategy and Content Approach

Real Vision India is taking a thoughtful approach to pricing and content delivery. Recognizing the price sensitivity of the Indian market, the platform offers a significant discount to Indian users. When visiting, the website detects the user's IP address and provides Indian-specific pricing in rupees, making it very affordable even by local standards.

However, Real Vision's strategy goes beyond simply offering discounted access to existing content. Pal explained:

"What we don't want to do is just give you the content that's on Real Vision because, yes, it's useful to learn macro investing and what are the big factors influencing. But we want to create community and content for Indians as well."

This approach demonstrates Real Vision's commitment to creating tailored, relevant content for the Indian audience rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Building a Community from the Ground Up

Real Vision India is taking a community-first approach to its expansion. The company has already initiated its first Real Vision India meetup, bringing together financial enthusiasts and professionals. Additionally, they're launching a Discord channel to facilitate ongoing discussions and networking among community members.

A key component of this community-building effort is the development of a new YouTube show. This program will feature a unique "East meets West" format, with hosts based in Goa, India, and Texas, USA. This cross-cultural approach aims to provide diverse perspectives and insights that resonate with the Indian audience while maintaining a global outlook.

Free Content as a Gateway

Understanding the hesitation many Indians might have towards paid financial content, Real Vision is adopting a freemium model. The new YouTube show and community initiatives will be freely available, serving as an entry point for users to engage with the platform and understand its value.

Pal elaborated on this strategy:

"So that'll be free because a lot of Indians don't want to pay for it. Once they really want the education, we've got stuff like the Real Vision Academy, which is like world-class trading education, but let's first give people the tools, let's get them engaged like you guys are doing, start educating people, and then we can give them even more tools to succeed."

This approach allows Real Vision to build trust and demonstrate value before asking users to commit to paid subscriptions, potentially leading to higher conversion rates and long-term user engagement.

Real Vision's Web3 Ambitions

The interview also revealed Real Vision's significant plans in the Web3 space, which extend far beyond their Indian expansion. Pal confirmed that the company is actively working on launching its own token, with several Web3 initiatives already underway.

NFT Offerings and Tokenized Asset Management

Real Vision has already launched a Genesis NFT, which Pal mentioned has seen impressive growth:

"Our NFT, which is up, I just bought it out. It's only 600% in the last month. We've got a Genesis NFT, which is starting, which is what we're building out our whole Web3 business."

The company plans to release another NFT later this year, focused on creating a community around fantasy trading. This NFT project will serve as a stepping stone towards a more ambitious goal: tokenized asset management. Pal explained that this initiative aims to harness the collective intelligence of the community to create asset allocations.

The Real Vision Token

While specific details are still under wraps, Pal confirmed that a Real Vision token is in development. This token is expected to play a crucial role in the platform's ecosystem, potentially serving as a reward system for community engagement and a means of accessing premium features.

The Super Community of Finance

Pal shared his vision for Real Vision's future, describing it as "the super community of finance built on the super platform of finance." This ambitious plan aims to unite various disparate communities within the financial world, including:

  • Geographic communities (e.g., India, America, Europe)
  • Investment focus communities (e.g., crypto, macro, single stock investors, precious metals investors)
  • Professional communities (e.g., investment advisors, asset managers)
  • Educational communities (e.g., students)

The goal is to create a comprehensive ecosystem where all these communities can interact, share knowledge, and access tailored content and tools.

The Super Platform of Finance

To support this vision of a unified financial community, Real Vision is developing what Pal calls "the super platform of finance." This platform aims to be a one-stop solution for users' financial lives, integrating various features and tools:

  • Charting and pricing tools
  • Portfolio management
  • Trade execution capabilities
  • Educational resources
  • Note-taking features
  • Artificial intelligence for network insights

Pal envisions users being able to manage their entire financial life within the Real Vision ecosystem:

"I want you to live your financial life entirely on Real Vision. Because right now we're spread across 20 bloody apps. It's crazy."

This integrated approach could potentially streamline users' financial activities and provide a more cohesive experience.

The Role of the Real Vision Token

The upcoming Real Vision token is designed to be an integral part of this ecosystem. Pal described its primary function as a reward system:

"Token will be your basic reward system. So if you're a good community member, if you're publishing research, you're publishing trade ideas, you are doing great community actions, you'll get rewarded both by the community and by Real Vision itself."

The token is envisioned as a true utility token, similar to how FTX uses its token within its ecosystem. Users will be able to accumulate tokens through various activities and use them to access different tiers of rewards or services within the platform.

Timeline and Implementation

While specific launch dates weren't provided, Pal indicated that the token launch might happen by the end of the first half of next year. However, he emphasized that there's still significant work to be done, particularly in terms of building out social graphs and navigating legal considerations.

In the meantime, Real Vision plans to use interim solutions to start building user engagement and their social graph:

"We probably first use, we've been using things like Po-Apps for events. So proof of attendant protocol. So we start building a social graph, rewarding people, community behavior. We'll have a system like Reddit did first. You get some points."

This phased approach allows Real Vision to test and refine their reward mechanisms before fully implementing their token system.

Implications for the Indian Market

The launch of Real Vision India and the broader Web3 initiatives could have significant implications for the Indian financial landscape. By providing high-quality, accessible financial education and fostering a community of engaged investors, Real Vision has the potential to elevate the level of financial literacy in the country.

Moreover, the introduction of Web3 elements like NFTs and tokens could expose Indian investors to cutting-edge financial technologies and concepts. This exposure could potentially accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial products in India, a market that has shown both interest and regulatory caution towards these technologies.

Challenges and Considerations

While Real Vision's plans for India and Web3 expansion are ambitious and promising, they also face several challenges:

  1. Regulatory Environment: India's regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has been evolving. Real Vision will need to navigate this landscape carefully, especially when implementing token-based systems.

  2. Market Education: While there's a clear need for better financial education, convincing users to pay for content in a market accustomed to free (albeit lower quality) alternatives may be challenging.

  3. Cultural Adaptation: Creating content that resonates with the Indian audience while maintaining global standards will require a delicate balance.

  4. Competition: As the Indian market for financial content grows, Real Vision may face increased competition from both local and international players.

  5. Technical Infrastructure: Implementing a comprehensive financial platform with features like AI-driven insights and tokenized asset management will require significant technical resources and expertise.

The Potential Impact on Solana and the Broader Crypto Ecosystem

While the interview didn't specifically mention Solana, Real Vision's expansion into Web3 and tokenization could have positive implications for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem, including Solana. As a high-performance blockchain platform, Solana could potentially benefit from increased interest in and adoption of blockchain technologies driven by initiatives like Real Vision's.

Real Vision's focus on educating a large, young population in India about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could lead to greater awareness and adoption of platforms like Solana. Moreover, if Real Vision chooses to build any of its Web3 infrastructure on Solana, it could significantly boost the platform's visibility and usage.

Projects within the Solana ecosystem, such as Bonk, Jito, Marinade, and Sphere, could also benefit from the increased attention and education that Real Vision brings to the space. As more users become familiar with blockchain concepts and seek out high-performance platforms, Solana's speed and efficiency could make it an attractive choice for both developers and users.

Conclusion: A Vision for Financial Empowerment

Real Vision's ambitious plans for India and its broader Web3 initiatives represent a significant step towards democratizing financial knowledge and tools. By combining high-quality education, community building, and cutting-edge technology, Real Vision aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem that serves diverse financial communities worldwide.

The success of this venture could have far-reaching implications, not just for individual investors in India, but for the global financial landscape. As Real Vision works to break down barriers between different financial communities and provide accessible, high-quality education and tools, it has the potential to empower a new generation of informed, engaged investors.

For the Solana ecosystem and the broader cryptocurrency world, initiatives like this could drive increased adoption and innovation. As more people gain access to quality financial education and exposure to blockchain technologies, platforms like Solana stand to benefit from the growing interest and participation in the crypto space.

As Real Vision's plans unfold over the coming months and years, it will be fascinating to watch how they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, and how their efforts might reshape the landscape of financial education and community building in the digital age.

Facts + Figures

  • Real Vision is expanding into India with a focus on providing high-quality financial education to young people.
  • Real Vision India offers discounted pricing for Indian users, detected via IP address.
  • The company is developing a new YouTube show with hosts from India and Texas, USA.
  • Real Vision has launched a Genesis NFT, which has seen a 600% increase in value in the last month.
  • A new NFT focused on fantasy trading is planned for release later this year.
  • Real Vision is working on launching its own token, potentially by the end of the first half of next year.
  • The company envisions creating a "super community of finance" uniting various financial sub-communities.
  • Real Vision is developing a comprehensive financial platform integrating features like charting, portfolio management, and AI-driven insights.
  • The planned Real Vision token will serve as a reward system for community engagement and content creation.
  • Real Vision is currently using interim solutions like proof-of-attendance protocols to build their social graph.
  • The company aims to make their platform the central hub for users' financial lives, replacing the need for multiple apps.
  • Real Vision's expansion into Web3 includes plans for tokenized asset management.
  • The company is taking a phased approach to implementing their Web3 features, starting with community building and engagement rewards.

Questions Answered

What is Real Vision India?

Real Vision India is an expansion of the Real Vision platform specifically tailored for the Indian market. It aims to provide high-quality financial education and tools to young Indian investors, filling a gap in the current landscape of financial content in the country. The initiative includes community building efforts, a new YouTube show, and plans for comprehensive educational resources and tools.

How is Real Vision approaching pricing for the Indian market?

Real Vision is offering significant discounts for Indian users. When visiting the Real Vision website, it detects the user's IP address and provides India-specific pricing in rupees. This approach makes the platform very affordable by local standards, recognizing the price sensitivity of the Indian market.

What are Real Vision's plans for Web3 and tokenization?

Real Vision is actively working on several Web3 initiatives. These include the launch of NFTs (with one already released and another planned), the development of a Real Vision token, and plans for tokenized asset management. The token is envisioned as a reward system for community engagement and content creation, and may be launched by the end of the first half of next year.

What is the "super community of finance" that Raoul Pal mentions?

The "super community of finance" is Raoul Pal's vision for uniting various disparate financial communities within the Real Vision ecosystem. This includes geographic communities (like India, America, Europe), investment focus communities (crypto, macro, single stock investors), professional communities (investment advisors, asset managers), and educational communities (students). The goal is to create a comprehensive platform where all these communities can interact, share knowledge, and access tailored content and tools.

How does Real Vision plan to engage Indian users who may be hesitant to pay for content?

Real Vision is adopting a freemium model for the Indian market. They plan to offer free content, including a new YouTube show and community initiatives, as an entry point for users. This allows potential users to engage with the platform and understand its value before committing to paid subscriptions. The strategy aims to build trust and demonstrate value, potentially leading to higher conversion rates for paid services in the future.

What features will the planned Real Vision financial platform include?

The envisioned Real Vision platform aims to be a comprehensive financial hub. It's planned to include features such as charting and pricing tools, portfolio management capabilities, trade execution, educational resources, note-taking features, and artificial intelligence for generating insights from the network. The goal is to allow users to manage their entire financial life within the Real Vision ecosystem.

How might Real Vision's expansion impact the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem?

While not specifically mentioned, Real Vision's focus on educating a large, young population about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could lead to greater awareness and adoption of various blockchain platforms, potentially including Solana. The increased interest in and understanding of these technologies could drive innovation and participation in the crypto space, benefiting projects across different blockchain ecosystems.

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