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Validator Profile

This validator is currently delinquent. No rewards are being generated as their server is not generating blocks


At 2S◎LSTICE, we are committed to providing the most stable validators on the Solana blockchain. We provide validators in multiple regions and providers with hot failover to provide the most stable experience for our staking partners.



Should You Stake With 2SOLSTICE (2S◎LSTICE TwoSolstice)?

  • This validator has a low share of stake, aiding decentralization
  • This validator has a high share of stake - you should stake elsewhere to help secure the network
  • This validator has a decent average APY and good returns
  • This validator has a low average APY due to a high commission or low reliability. You should look to stake elsewhere
  • This validator's servers are in a datacenter with low stake concentration, aiding decentralization
  • This validator is based in a datacenter with a high concentration of stake, which hurts decentralization. Please try to stake elsewhere.




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Datacenter Country


Datacenter City


Over Centralized

Datacenter Centralization