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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Know Your Why - Demystifying Building on Solana

Jeff Paul shares insights on the importance of talent, grit, and luck in building on Solana, and a new development tool called Poseidon.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


At Breakpoint 2023, Jeff Paul, co-founder of Web 3 Builders Alliance, delivers a refreshing and candid talk titled "Know Your Why - Demystifying Building on Solana." His narrative unwinds the mystical aura that often surrounds the development on the Solana blockchain, bringing forth the essential elements that play a role in building new Web3 solutions: talent, grit, and the undeniable factor of luck. Through personal anecdotes, educational videos, and community-oriented advice, Paul encourages builders and developers to understand and seek out their motivation for participating in the blockchain space, finding their niche within resilient ecosystems like Solana.

Key Points:

The Triad of Success: Talent, Grit, and Luck

Jeff Paul emphasizes that successful development in the blockchain landscape relies on a combination of personal skillset or 'talent', relentless determination he terms as 'grit', and the underrated influence of 'luck'. Success, he notes, is often about adapting the definition to smaller victories and persisting in the face of challenges. Furthermore, the unpredictable nature of 'luck' suggests that passion for the work is integral since there's no surefire guarantee of success.

The Resilience of Solana

Paul admires Solana for its resiliancy, seeing it as a quality that echoes in its developer community. Despite various challenges in the past year, the tenacity of the Solana ecosystem stands out to him. He underscores this attribute over specific technological advantages, acknowledging the culture of continuous improvement and attraction of like-minded individuals who contribute to its vitality.

Community and Web3 Inclusivity

The speaker reveals his favorite aspect of Web3 in general—its capability to bring together diverse individuals who focus on co-creation regardless of their differences. He mentions his experiences with Web 3 Builders Alliance (WBA), witnessing the strength of collective bonding over shared endeavors.

Learning and Developing within Web3

Paul stresses the importance of starting with user experience rather than diving straight into code. He simplifies the learning curve of using Rust for smart contracts, and in the context of Solana, he encourages aspiring developers to focus on accounts, Program Derived Addresses (PDAs), and Cross-Program Invocation (CPIs).

Introducing Poseidon: A Development Game-Changer

Ending on a high note, Paul introduces Poseidon, a new tool allowing developers to write Solana programs using TypeScript. This tool aims to bridge the knowledge gap and invite a broader developer community comfortable with TypeScript to contribute to the Solana ecosystem.

Facts + Figures

  • Talent, grit, and luck are deemed essential for successful blockchain development.
  • Resilience is the most valued characteristic of the Solana ecosystem according to Jeff Paul.
  • The inclusiveness of Web3 brings people together from diverse backgrounds to focus on building without prejudice.
  • The user experience should be the priority in the development process, with code serving to enable that experience.
  • Rust might seem intimidating, but learning to write smart contracts in Rust involves a manageable subset of its overall capabilities.
  • Developers should especially invest their efforts into understanding accounts, PDAs, and CPIs within Solana.
  • Poseidon is an upcoming development tool that will enable writing Anchor programs in TypeScript, potentially expanding the developer base for Solana.

Top quotes

  • "Talent is... what's your skill, what's your ability to learn new things, what's your ability to create, to solve problems."
  • "Grit is how willing are you to deal with the hard part? How stubborn are you?"
  • "Luck is really time, place, conditions, audience, opportunity."
  • "If you don't love what you're doing, all the hard work and talent in the world does not mean you're going to get there."
  • "The idea that who cares if it was going down over a year ago... We broke it and made it faster, made it more resilient, made it better."
  • "I love the mindset of, you know, let's break this and make it better."
  • "Find your community. Not a general community or the global community. Find the one that speaks to you."
  • "Writing tests is hard. Things out of your control are hard. Learning how to code and write programs is not the hard part."

Questions Answered

What makes building on Solana different from other platforms?

Building on Solana is unique due to its emphasis on resilience and the culture of its community. Solana has faced and overcome numerous challenges, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and attracting developers who resonate with this ethos. This cultural aspect makes it distinct from other blockchain ecosystems.

Why is Solana's community important?

The Solana community is pivotal because it is made up of diverse individuals united by their passion for building on the blockchain. The sense of belonging to a group that supports one another through adversity creates a nurturing environment for developers to innovate and thrive.

What are the key concepts developers should focus on in Solana?

In the realm of Solana, developers should focus primarily on understanding accounts, Program Derived Addresses (PDAs), and Cross-Program Invocation (CPIs). Mastering these concepts can significantly expedite one's ability to create impactful and functional blockchain solutions on the Solana platform.

What is Poseidon, and why is it significant?

Poseidon is a forthcoming tool that will allow developers to write Solana blockchain programs using TypeScript instead of Rust. This opens the door for a broader base of developers already familiar with TypeScript, potentially accelerating the development of new applications and innovation on Solana's blockchain by making it more accessible.

How vital is understanding user needs for blockchain development?

Understanding user needs is crucial for blockchain development because it drives the creation of applications that are truly beneficial and user-friendly. Developers must prioritize delivering a positive user experience, which ultimately determines the viability and success of any blockchain solution.