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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Real-World Activations: Bringing Real-Life Experiences

A deep dive into how blockchain and NFTs are revolutionizing fan experiences and loyalty rewards with Amy Street of Rope World.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


At Breakpoint 2023, a clear vision was shared of how blockchain technology is poised to reshape fan engagements and real-world experiences. Amy Street, a leading figure in the Solana ecosystem, and currently the head of growth at Rope World, took the stage to discuss her journey from the entertainment industry to the forefront of Web3 and blockchain engagement innovations. She unpacked the ways in which Rope World intends to improve connections between creators, brands, and their audiences, leveraging blockchain's potential for transparent data tracking and loyalty rewards systems.

Key Points:

Amy Street's Background and Transition to Web3

Amy Street presents a trajectory from the music industry to her present role in Web3. Her path highlights the growing trend of professionals who shift from conventional industries to burgeoning sectors, such as blockchain and NFTs. She illustrates a unique blend of experience, from podcasting to ghostwriting in music, and pinpoints the flaws within the entertainment industry that Web3 can address. Her commitment to the space includes becoming a partner at Rope World, reflecting deep conviction in its potential.

Vision of Rope World and Blockchain Ticketing

The conversation transitions to Rope World's mission: to use blockchain technology to solve systemic issues in the entertainment industry, particularly the inadequacies of traditional ticketing systems. By introducing a blockchain-powered ticketing solution, Amy explains how Rope World's app can prevent scalping and ensure genuine fans benefit from events. This solution is part of a larger ecosystem designed to cultivate stronger connections between content creators or brands and their audiences.

Strategy for Bridging Web2 to Web3

Rope World's strategy involves translating the complex world of blockchain into tangible benefits for everyday users. Amy Street speaks about the necessity to transcend web3's current niche confines, often dominated by speculative NFT trading, by offering practical and ongoing utility. This approach not only cements the company's role as a change-maker but also draws a stark contrast with the "flopped" attempts of other brands in the web3 domain.

Facts + Figures

  • Amy Street has shifted from the music industry to becoming the head of growth at Rope World.
  • Amy sees the ability of Web3 to address issues in entertainment, including opaque processes and inequitable revenue distribution.
  • Rope World's first release is a blockchain ticketing product addressing scalping and botting issues in live events.
  • There's an emerging focus on reliable data tracking of fan engagement across various verticals such as record sales, concert attendance, and merchandise purchases.
  • Rope World plans to utilize blockchain tech for loyalty rewards in a multi-brand ecosystem.
  • The company envisions a future where engagement and contributions to a brand are rewarded in a holistic and interconnected manner.
  • Rope World has been building this infrastructure for two years, starting when Solana was a less dominant blockchain.
  • In a surprising turn, Rope World recently acquired Stars Arena, a social finance app (or "social fi") with 150,000 active users.

Top quotes

  • "I came into the space as a meme..."
  • "Blockchain ticketing is one of our products that we have in the Rope World app right now."
  • "It's about really bridging the gap and we hear bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 a lot..."
  • "We want to be the thought leaders and the builders that can scoop people up..."
  • "We want to make this as seamless as possible."
  • "I will set my company to the side and I will work for you full time if you'll have me."
  • "You aren't just a big Tommy Hilfiger fan... you're thinking about all of these different things because that's what makes you you."
  • "We have acquired Stars Arena which is one of the biggest social fi apps with 150,000 active users."
  • "...we really want to be the thought leaders and the builders that can scoop people up and say this is the infrastructure you can use."

Questions Answered

Who is Amy Street and what is her role at Rope World?

Amy Street is an innovator in the Solana ecosystem and holds the position of head of growth at Rope World. Her professional background spans from the music industry to Web3, infusing her unique insights into building better fan engagement through blockchain technology.

What issues does Rope World aim to tackle with blockchain technology?

Rope World is tackling the transparency and fairness issues prevalent in the entertainment industry, particularly around events and ticketing. They're implementing blockchain ticketing as a solution to combat scalping and ensure genuine fans gain access to events and experiences meant for them.

How does Rope World's app work?

While the full technical details were not shared during the talk, Rope World's app is described as a tool that converges various aspects of fan engagement — from sales to VIP experiences — under a unified system that leverages blockchain for data tracking and integrity.

Why is Rope World acquiring Stars Arena significant?

The acquisition of Stars Arena, a social finance app with a substantial user base, marks a strategic expansion for Rope World. It will integrate social finance features into Rope World's offerings, broadening their impact and utility in bridging the gap between fans and brands.

How does Rope World differentiate itself from other Web3 initiatives by brands?

Rope World differentiates itself by focusing on tangible utility and long-term infrastructure within Web3, rather than pursuing short-term gains or hastily joining the trend without solid backing. The company emphasizes seamless integration of fan engagement backed by blockchain's transparency and integrity, separating it from brands that have unsuccessfully dipped into Web3 without proper strategy or understanding.