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Earn 7.0% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.0% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: How Token 2022 in 2023 Will Shape the Future

Solana's Token 2022 update promises to revolutionize developer capabilities and user privacy through new features like metadata extensions, transfer hooks, and confidential transfers.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Solana engineer John's talk at Breakpoint 2023 delved into the forthcoming capabilities of the blockchain's Token 2022 update and its profound implications for the coming year. This update signifies a substantial step in programmability and privacy features on the Solana blockchain. With a touch of humor, John described the project that was expected to take only a couple of months, yet it evolved into a multi-year undertaking. The update, which introduces various formative advances like token metadata, transfer hooks, and confidential transfers, is anticipated to empower developers and enhance user privacy significantly. Token 2022 will be fully recommended with version 1.17, and further advancements are planned including zero-knowledge proofs in future Solana runtime environments.

Key Points:

Token 2022 and Its Implications for Developers

Token 2022 is an extended framework built on Solana's existing token infrastructure, enhancing the functionality and creating a robust environment for developers. It offers backwards compatibility with the original token program, ensuring a smooth transition for current projects. Moreover, Token 2022 allows for opting into custom extensions that devs can tailor to their mint's or token account's needs. Upgrades regarding program-friendly enhancements pave the way toward a more interactive and integrable future for on-chain applications.

The Introduction of Metadata and Transfer Hooks

Metadata capabilities give developers the freedom to add rich informational layers to tokens, fostering a greater range of data interchangeability across programs. John emphasized the community-driven nature of this feature, celebrating numerous teams that influenced its development. Transfer hooks, on the other hand, are a safety-checked mechanism that lets mint owners specify a particular program to be called into during token transfers, spurring innovation in transaction dynamics.

Anticipation of Confidential Transfers

Perhaps the most awaited feature, token 2022 lays the groundwork for confidential transfers, promising a remarkable enhancement in transaction privacy. Only the amounts are encryptedā€”identities remain visible. John shared a demonstration of enabling and executing a confidential transfer, painting a vivid picture of user-friendliness and robustness. The introduction of confidential transactions is an industry milestone, reinforcing Solana's dedication to innovating while accounting for safety and security measures.

Facts + Figures

  • Token 2022 began development after the first Breakpoint event in 2021.
  • The update will officially be recommended with Solana version 1.17, expected around January 2024.
  • Four audits have been completed for Token 2022, with two more in progress.
  • The program will allow extensions for both mints and token accounts.
  • Developers can now add custom token metadata, enhancing the information associated with tokens.
  • Transfer hooks enable third-party programs to be called during token transfers, allowing for custom logic to be executed.
  • Confidential transfers will be possible, encrypting the transaction amounts, and will be fully enabled with the release of new system calls and a native program.

Top quotes

  • "Token 2022 in 2023 will define 2024."
  • "The program is a superset of tokens. Everything that you are doing with token can also work with token 2022."
  • "As a security thing, just make sure that the two point at each other, otherwise, you know, I can create a mint, say like, 'Oh yeah, look at my mint. It's a stablecoin' and point at that, and you don't want that to happen."
  • "I want everyone to be writing their own token programs."
  • "Confidential transfers are possible with token 2022 in 1.17 once we get some new syscalls and a native program enabled."

Questions Answered

What is Token 2022 and why is it significant?

Token 2022 is an upgraded version of the original token program on the Solana blockchain, offering added features and flexibility. It is significant because it allows for more sophisticated on-chain programs, enhances developer freedom, and sets the stage for more complex financial instruments and improved privacy features.

How does Token 2022 impact developers?

Developers stand to benefit from Token 2022 through access to new capabilities such as customizable token metadata, transfer hooks for added transfer transaction functionality, and more. These features enable developers to create richer and more versatile applications on the Solana network.

What are confidential transfers in Solana's Token 2022?

Confidential transfers under Token 2022 are transactions where the amounts are encrypted, providing a new level of privacy for users. This feature is designed to allow users to transfer funds confidently without exposing the details of their transactions to the public.

Will Token 2022 require a change in existing Contracts?

No, Token 2022 is backward compatible with the existing token standard on Solana. This means existing contracts will remain operational and will not require changes to accommodate the upgrade. Developers have the option to opt into additional features as needed.

When can we expect Token 2022 to be available and stable?

Token 2022 is expected to be officially recommended with Solana version 1.17, which is tentatively slated for release around January 2024. This timeline is subject to change based on security and other considerations. The aim is to ensure that the program is secure and stable before its formal rollout.