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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: An Assembly of Innovators Shaping the Future of Web3

Breakpoint 2023 brings together a global community to drive forward the future of Web3 with engaging talks, announcements, and discussions in Amsterdam.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In the heart of Amsterdam, Breakpoint 2023 inaugurates a vibrant convention designed to celebrate and bolster the evolution of Web3 technologies. Bringing together developers, founders, and enthusiasts, the Salana Foundation kick-started the event with a warm welcome and a comprehensive overview of what participants can anticipate. The conference aims to facilitate discussions on blockchain scale, innovation, and sustainability while also providing a platform to unveil groundbreaking developments in the sector. There is an unmistakable sense of shared dedication and resilience amongst attendees, reflecting the conference's 'liquid metal' theme, symbolizing adaptability and strength amidst volatility in the blockchain landscape.

Key Points: The Salana Foundation Welcome

Austin Federa and Megan Hughes, from the Salana Foundation, open Breakpoint 2023

Austin Federa and Megan Hughes of the Solana Foundation opened Breakpoint 2023 by extending heartfelt gratitude to attendees in Amsterdam and those joining via live stream. They highlighted the palpable excitement with the range of events and talks scheduled. Salana, a project not long ago considered a risky bet in blockchain architecture, has now matured into a global platform hosting an inspiring community of developers and innovators.

Megan Hughes Reflects on Joining the Breakpoint Community

Megan Hughes shared her unique perspective as the VP of Marketing, recounting her induction into the Salana community. Despite joining at a moment fraught with uncertainty about Salana's future, the passion and potential she observed a year ago remains evident today. Her narrative underscores the community's progression over the year, mirroring the conference's resilience and growth.

Key Points: The Theme of Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal – A Metaphor for the Salana Community's Adaptability

The 'liquid metal' theme for this year's Breakpoint does not only represent the strength and adaptability inherent to the Salana community but also their perseverance through the often tumultuous blockchain industry's challenges. The network and its contributors are lauded for paving new paths and fortifying their collective ventures into a more influential force.

Key Points: The Impact of Betting on the Future

Past Bets on Transformational Moments in Tech Industry

Drawing parallels between pivotal bets made by tech giants like Apple, Tesla, and EA with those taken by Salana's early creators, the speakers reflected on how the willingness to take risks in uncertain times can lead to substantial industry advancements. The underlying message is to appreciate the magnitude of progress that results from such courageous decisions.

Facts + Figures

  • Breakpoint 2023 takes place in Amsterdam, with a combination of in-person and online participation.
  • This year's conference features over 300 talks, with more than 30 new announcements from diverse teams.
  • The attendee demographic spans 3,000 individuals, including core engineers, app developers, and creators, all aiming to propel Web3 forward.
  • Austin Federa has been with the network since January 2021, and Megan Hughes joined a week after last year's Breakpoint.
  • The conference theme is 'liquid metal', symbolizing adaptability, strength, and fluid movement.
  • There was a comparison to companies like Apple, Tesla, and EA, which succeeded by making transformative bets during critical industry moments.
  • Salana's early backers are likened to having made similar pioneering marks on the blockchain industry's evolution.

Top quotes

  1. "Welcome to Breakpoint."
  2. "It's really inspiring to see here."
  3. "All coming together to drive the future of Web3 forward."
  4. "This is the bear."
  5. "It's weathered the challenges, created new paths, and ultimately built something stronger and more impactful."
  6. "The fruits of our labor are finally coming to fruition here."
  7. "Impact is linear and outcomes are nonlinear."
  8. "We have leaders from Google and Visa and folks like Room Christians and coming here to talk about the future of Web3."
  9. "We have a shuttle and a boat hub. So do download the app and get those schedules in your pocket."

Questions Answered

What is the Breakpoint conference?

Breakpoint is a conference hosted by the Salana Foundation, taking place in Amsterdam, focusing on the advancement of Web3 technologies. It consists of talks, events, and workshops that explore the future of blockchain, bringing together a global community of enthusiasts and professionals.

Who are the hosts of Breakpoint 2023?

Austin Federa, Head of Strategy, and Megan Hughes, VP of Marketing at the Salana Foundation, are the hosts of Breakpoint 2023. They provide strategic oversight and foster the growth of the Salana community.

What theme has Breakpoint 2023 adopted, and why?

Breakpoint 2023 has adopted the theme 'liquid metal', which represents the adaptability and resilience of the Salana community. It reflects their ability to navigate challenges and drive innovation within the volatile blockchain ecosystem.

How does Breakpoint 2023 connect with the successes of other tech companies?

The organizers of Breakpoint draw a parallel between the risky yet transformative decisions made by companies such as Apple, Tesla, and EA to adopt groundbreaking technologies, and the early advocates of Salana who embraced a new blockchain architecture when uncertainty was abundant. This comparison highlights the shared ethos of innovation and risk-taking that often underpins eventual success.