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JPool · high-yield Stake Pool Statistics

Learn more about the JPool · high-yield Stake Pool Stake Pool, from its average rewards in APY to the fees it charges and the validators it stakes with.

JPool is a Solana staking pool implementation with a number of advantages: low fees, advanced smart strategy, and attractive UI/UX. It is based on a secure smart contract maintained by the Solana Foundation.



Current APY

1.144  SOL

Pool Token Value

640,440.0 SOL

Total Active Stake


Staked Validators


Pool Token Supply


Pool Token

Stake Pool Delegation Strategy

The Validators in the pool are evaluated based on two dimensions:

  • Direct returns for the Delegator (A coefficient)
  • Common good for the Solana network (N coefficient)

For this purpose, the following coefficients are first calculated:

  • A is calculated directly from Validator's APR with 1 normalization.
  • C1 through C4 are calculated based on stake concentration:
  • C1: Validator's own delegated stake.
  • C2: Total stake in the same ASN.
  • C3: Total stake in the same data center.
  • C4: Total stake in the same country.

Stake Pool Fees

5.00 %

Rewards Fee


Sol Deposit Fee

0.00 %

Sol Withdrawal Fee


Stake Deposit Fee

0.05 %

Stake Withdrawal Fee

Historic APY

Historic Fees

Validator Statistics

14,103 SOL

Average Stake


Average Commission


Average Skipped Slots


Active Validators


Delinquent Validators


Halt Line Validators


Validators In Overpopulated Datacenters


Unique Data Centers

Stake Distribution

See at a glance how decentralized this pool's stake is. If a handful of validators hold an excess of stake it should be apparent on this chart.

Active Validators

The following validators have received at least 1 SOL in stake from this stake pool

Validator APYs, performance and centralization statistics kindly provided by and