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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Helium & Swissborg

Swissborg and Helium executives discuss the merger of on-chain and off-chain worlds, listing on Swissborg, and the future of investing in decentralized technologies.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


In a recent interview at Breakpoint 2023, Cyrus Fazel, Founder & CEO of Swissborg, and Nicolas Rémond, the CTO of Swissborg, discussed their company's aims and strategies in promoting financial freedom through the integration of the off-chain and on-chain worlds. They provided insights into the impressive growth of Swissborg, its intention to further expand into decentralized finance (DeFi), and their latest collaboration with Solana to list new projects, including Helium's 5G token. Their approach represents a bridge between traditional finance and the burgeoning domain of DeFi, indicating a significant shift in how people could invest in and utilize digital assets.

Key Points:

Swissborg's Vision and Achievements

Swissborg founders present their mission to create financial freedom and showcase their success since their initial coin offering (ICO). They've developed a top wealth management app in Europe, connecting nearly one million people with cryptocurrency investment opportunities. The platform allows users to buy, stake, trade, and manage wealth effortlessly, supporting over 17 currencies and offering a seamless experience, somewhat reminiscent of traditional centralized exchanges but bolstered by blockchain technology.

Integration with Solana and Listing Process

Highlighting the recent integration with the Solana blockchain, the CTO, Rémond, explains Swissborg's simplified listing process for new tokens. Liquidity is key, and projects can get listed by demonstrating liquidity on decentralized exchanges. This integration allows Swissborg to pool liquidity sources from various outlets - Forex, centralized, and decentralized exchanges - making the process significantly easier for new tokens to be listed on their platform.

The Future of Investing in Decentralized Technologies

Looking towards the future, Swissborg is focused on listing early-stage projects from various industries such as gaming, social media, and more, through the Solana ecosystem. This initiative is a part of their effort to offer consumer-centric applications to their community. They also emphasize the importance of community engagement by giving their users a say in which projects get listed, pointing towards a more democratized financial system.

Facts + Figures

  • Swissborg conducted a successful ICO six years ago, which laid the foundation for its current offerings.
  • The Swissborg app has enabled approximately one million people to engage in cryptocurrency-powered wealth management.
  • Users can easily convert from one of 17 different fiat currencies to their token of choice.
  • Swissborg anticipates further growth, potentially onboarding millions more users in the future.
  • The company boasts 50,000 premium token stakers and 17,000 shareholders from a community crowdfunding initiative.
  • Through the integration with Solana, users can experience seamless transactions akin to centralized exchanges, while utilizing the more decentralized aspects of blockchain.
  • Swissborg has been operating for over seven years in the cryptocurrency domain.
  • They have crossed a milestone of a million KYC verified users in Europe.

Top quotes

  • "We did a nice ICO 6 years ago, which was to promote financial freedom for everyone."
  • "Today we have over 17 currencies that you could go from fiat to your favorite token within a click."
  • "Swissboard is capable of merging all the liquidity that exists."
  • "What is really good for the community itself and getting listed on Swissbird is that we have been in there."
  • "We believe that everything that we've been seeing on Solana is a community that is packed with investors and amazing ideas."

Questions Answered

How does Swissborg aim to promote financial freedom?

Swissborg's mission is to increase financial freedom by providing an app that enables users to easily engage with cryptocurrencies, manage wealth, and trade. The app offers a seamless transfer experience between 17 different fiat currencies and various cryptocurrencies, designed to open up financial opportunities to a broad audience.

What was the significance of Swissborg's ICO?

Swissborg's ICO, conducted six years ago, was a pivotal moment for the company, enabling it to build the foundations of a platform that now connects nearly a million users with cryptocurrency investment opportunities. It set the stage for Swissborg's continued growth and its commitment to democratizing finance.

What makes the collaboration with Solana significant?

The integration with Solana drastically simplifies the token listing process for Swissborg, enabling them to collate liquidity from different sources and offer users a seamless experience. It opens up new avenues for investment and marks a significant step towards merging traditional finance with decentralized technologies.

What benefit does the Helium token listing bring to Swissborg's users?

By listing the Helium 5G token, Swissborg offers its users access to a novel investment opportunity in a decentralized 5G network system. It expands the range of investment options and demonstrates Swissborg's commitment to bringing diverse and innovative crypto projects to their community.

What can users expect from Swissborg in the future?

Users can look forward to Swissborg listing more early-stage projects with potential in various sectors, particularly in DeFi and gaming. The company aims to provide consumer-centric applications that can significantly impact users' investment strategies and day-to-day life, driven by community input.