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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

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Breakpoint 2023: Governance and the Building Blocks of a DAO

Published on 2023-11-09

Exploring the significance of decentralized governance and the challenges facing DAOs in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


Tommy Johnson and Taylor, pioneers in the cryptocurrency space, discuss the evolution of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), particularly within the Solana blockchain, and the critical challenges they face in governance and tokenomics. Highlighting their past success and the rapid development of DAOs, they emphasize the need for efficiency and effective governance in fostering thriving sub-communities within the broader ecosystem. Participation and retention are pointed out as major stumbling blocks for DAO governance, with the additional factor of regulatory uncertainty impeding institutional engagement. The discussion extends to the design of token economies, the distribution of tokens, and the role of community building in establishing a robust DAO.

Key Points:

The Evolution and Importance of DAOs

Tommy and Taylor begin by recounting their journey in the Solana ecosystem, starting with Sci Options, which became an important building block for financial protocols on the blockchain. They underscore the necessity of DAOs for mass coordination – a paramount concern for Solana which aspires to serve as a global state machine. DAOs are not just technical constructs; they are the embodiment of community-driven governance requiring active participation to thrive. The speakers argue that flourishing sub-communities, essential for the success of Solana, depend on efficient and effective DAO governance.

Governance Challenges

They acknowledge that several challenges inhibit DAOs from reaching their potential. The foremost issue is participation, with only a small percentage of governance token holders actively participating in proposals. They recall the recent theta-fi attack, facilitated by low participation rates, to illustrate the vulnerabilities and consequences of this problem. Furthermore, the uncertain regulatory environment causes institutions to refrain from participating, leaving a void that retail investor engagement alone cannot fill. In equity markets too, participation in shareholder voting is low, suggesting this is not exclusive to crypto but a broader issue of apathy in governance.

Tokenomics and Flow Strategies

Tommy and Taylor stress the importance of token flow and distribution strategies. They delve into the process of creating a token, from legal structuring to contemplating tax implications and building a supportive community. Key considerations also include initial token pricing, supply release, and auction dynamics. An improperly balanced token launch can exhaust buyer interest quickly, leading to a price decline post-auction. Tokenomics, therefore, must be thoughtfully designed to support the overarching goals of a DAO.

Facts + Figures

  • Tommy Johnson and Taylor began their journey in the Solana ecosystem with Sci Options.
  • They managed to attain over $100 million in total value locked (TVL) in smart contracts at their peak.
  • Solana's aim is to become the global state machine, necessitating effective DAOs for mass coordination.
  • Participation rates in DAO governance are low, with a small percentage of token holders actively voting.
  • Instituions face regulatory uncertainty, making them hesitant to participate in DAO governance.
  • Walker of 28% of retail investors engage in shareholder voting in traditional finance, mirroring low participation in DAOs.
  • Sci-Fi DAO's treasury accumulated over a million dollars in non-governance token assets without effective use due to low participation.

Top quotes

  • "We were the first ever DAO to put all of our sales of future tokens on chain."
  • "If you exhaust all the buyers interested in your token or your ecosystem throughout the auction period, there's going to be nothing left beyond."
  • "It's very clear that retail does not participate."
  • "It doesn't seem like there's a lot of participation in decentralization there."

Questions Answered

What is the current state of DAO governance within the Solana ecosystem?

DAO governance within the Solana ecosystem, much like in other ecosystems, faces significant challenges with respect to participation and effective decision-making. Despite the theoretical advantages of decentralized governance, actual engagement from token holders remains low, reflecting broader issues of participation in both crypto and traditional finance.

Why is participation a problem for DAOs?

Participation is a problem for DAOs as it directly affects the legitimacy and implementation of collective decisions. Low participation rates mean that critical governance decisions can be swayed by a minority, leading to potential security risks, such as the theta-fi attack, and an overall lack of true decentralization.

How do regulatory challenges affect DAOs?

Regulatory challenges affect DAOs by dissuading institutional participation due to uncertainty about liabilities and compliance issues. Institutions, being significant potential participants in DAO governance, are currently unable to contribute to the decision-making processes, thereby reducing both the diversity and the volume of governance activities.

What can be learned from traditional finance regarding DAO governance?

Traditional finance shows similar issues of low participation rates among retail investors in shareholder voting processes. This suggests that the problem of engagement in governance is not unique to DAOs or crypto and might require creative solutions that transcend both domains to enhance participation.

How important is the design of tokenomics for DAOs?

The design of tokenomics is crucial for DAOs as it impacts the flow, distribution, and perceived value of a token. A well-thought-out tokenomics model ensures fair pricing, equitable distribution, and sustained buyer interest, all of which contribute to the long-term viability and effectiveness of a DAO's governance structure.

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