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Find the best validator to stake your SOL with

The top Solana validators ranked by performance, staking rewards and decentralization


How do you choose a validator?

Choosing a node to stake with is not just about your own personal rewards.

By delegating your stake to a validator, you are signalling that you trust the operator as a custodian of the Solana network. They are, quite literally, protecting your investment.

As a staker, it is your responsibility to pick performant validators that support the network's security, stability and development, not just to maximize your returns.

Among the best validators the technical differences can be wafer thin, so you may want to consider other aspects such as community involvement. On the flip side, some validators run unreliable nodes on aging hardware, and should be avoided.

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Top factors in choosing a validator

  • 🏃 Is its performance good?
    Is it helping Solana to be the fastest chain?
  • 🌍 Is it decentralized enough?
    Is it in a city, country or datacenter with high stake concentration?
  • 🏦 Do they have too much stake?
    Concentrating stake among large validators is bad for the network
  • 💰 Are its rewards decent?
    How competitive is its APY? Are the fees it charges fair?
  • 💫 Is it sustainable?
    0% fee nodes have high APY but can harm decentralization.

Featured Validators: 3 Of The Best

Solana Compass 🧭 Solana For The People

Solana Compass

Compass Score

Stake: 955,519 SOL
APY: 7.20%
See Details


Compass Score

Stake: 1,063,701 SOL
APY: 7.21%
See Details
Ereborus ⚔️  MEV


Compass Score

Stake: 375,960 SOL
APY: 7.28%
See Details