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Earn 7.0% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 7.0% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Tokenomics, Market Making, & Strategies to Optimize Token Performance

Shane Molidor discusses strategies for optimal token performance within the cryptocurrency sector.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


At Breakpoint 2023, Shane Molidor, CEO and founder of Forged, argues that price performance is critical to a cryptocurrency token's success, despite a reluctance to discuss it among project founders. He explains that tokenomics, market making, and strategic partnerships play pivotal roles in ensuring that a token performs well in the market. Molidor shares common pitfalls such as poorly designed tokenomics, aggressive supply inflation, and counterproductive alliances with market makers. He also highlights the importance of optimizing token issuance mechanisms and discusses how Forged addresses these challenges by offering a free platform to assist Solana-based entrepreneurs in optimizing their token and protocol performance.

Key Points:

The Importance of Token Price Performance

Shane Molidor asserts that the price of a cryptocurrency token is more significant than the technology behind it. A well-performing token can incentivize users to engage with a protocol and help scale its network. Poor price performance can discourage users, creating a negative feedback loop. Molidor emphasizes the need for project leaders to actively focus on optimizing token price, alongside delivering quality technology.

Tokenomics and Market Making Strategies

Molidor delves into the design of tokenomics which is more than just emissions curves and cap tables. He explains it as the distribution of value creation among network participants. Problems such as low float and high fully diluted valuations (FDV) can lead to overvalued token prices that are difficult to sustain. Forged aims to help entrepreneurs carefully design tokenomics and market making strategies to ensure a balanced relationship between supply and demand.

Managing the Transition from Primary to Secondary Markets

When transitioning through a Token Generation Event (TGE), the mechanism used can greatly impact price performance. Molidor criticizes the use of Dutch auctions and Liquidity Balancer Pools (LBPs) for satisfying demand in the primary market, which later leads to a massive drop in the secondary market as there are no enough buyers left. He urges project founders to collaborate with exchanges to structure their orders properly to avoid price instability post-TGE.

Facts + Figures

  • Token price is deemed more important than underlying technology according to Shane Molidor.
  • Forged offers a free platform for Solana-based projects to optimize token and protocol performance.
  • Tokenomics is concerned with how value is shared and distributed among network participants.
  • Projects often launch with a small percentage of the total token supply, leading to aggressive price inflation followed by sharp declines as supply increases.
  • Market makers can engage in predatory behavior if relationships are not structured properly, inducing downward sell pressure on the token.
  • Mispriced opening prints, such as from Dutch auctions, can lead to price instability and negative market sentiment.

Top quotes

  • "Token price performance is actually more important than any underlying technology."
  • "Tokens are the ultimate way to convert our customers into our shareholders."
  • "If you have down only price performance for your token, that incentive is going to be effectively meaningless."
  • "Tokenomics are more than just supply side graphs."
  • "We've got this negative feedback loop. It all starts with poor token price performance."

Questions Answered

What is the role of token price in a cryptocurrency project's success?

Token price plays a crucial role in a cryptocurrency project's success because it acts as an incentive for users to participate and invest in the protocol. If the token's price performance is poor, user motivation will diminish, leading to lower protocol engagement and ultimately affecting the project’s growth and sustainability.

Why is Forged's platform relevant for Solana-based projects?

Forged provides a free platform for Solana-based projects, offering tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of tokenomics, market making, and compliant capital raising. By using Forged's services, project founders can focus on product development while ensuring their tokenomics are optimized for success.

How do tokenomics influence token price?

Tokenomics dictate the distribution of value amongst network participants, influencing demand for the token. Careful design of tokenomics, taking into account token utility, business model, incentive structures, and supply tendencies, can create a healthy balance of supply and demand, positively impacting token price.

What are the common pitfalls in token generation events (TGE)?

One common pitfall in TGEs is launching with a low float and high FDV, which can create unsustainable price inflation followed by a decline as supply increases. Another is forming poorly structured market maker relationships leading to predatory behaviors. Additionally, using mechanisms like Dutch auctions can remove demand from the secondary market, causing post-TGE price instability.