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Earn 6.8% APY staking with Solana Compass

Help decentralize and secure the Solana network delegating your stake to us and earn an impressive 6.8% APY yield on your SOL, while supporting us to create new guides and tools.

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Breakpoint 2023: Metaplex Fireside Chat

Metaplex Foundation discusses their strategic advancements and future vision for NFTs on Solana, aiming for increased adoption and ease of use.

The notes below are AI generated and may not be 100% accurate. Watch the video to be sure!


During the Breakpoint 2023 conference, key figures from the Metaplex Foundation and its partners held a fireside chat detailing the future of NFTs within the Solana ecosystem. Panelists included Pedro Miranda, BD Creator Economy from the Solana Foundation; Dustin Duane, Strategic Advisor at Metaplex Foundation; MacKenzie Hom, BD & Strategy at Metaplex Foundation; and co-founders of Underdog Protocol, Tony Plasencia and aA A a aay. The conversation revolved around Metaplex's strategic shift to focus on foundational infrastructure for NFTs, their new utility layer, and the ways in which partnerships with entities like Underdog Protocol will enhance the ease of use for enterprises looking to adopt NFT technology.

Key Points:

The Metaplex Announcement

The Metaplex Foundation made significant announcements, including the decentralization of programmatic keys governing Solana NFTs, moving them to a secure third-party custody. This move aims to promote trust and stability across the platform as they transition towards autonomous decentralized governance. They also discussed their philosophy regarding protocol minting fees and introduced a utility layer designed to reduce infrastructure costs, improve data access, and make interactions with CNFTs easier and cheaper.

Partner Integration and the Utility Layer

Strategic collaboration with Underdog Protocol was highlighted, showcasing how they utilize Metaplex's open-source software, such as Bubblegum and Gummy Roll, to simplify complex processes for enterprises. The partners aim to work together to ensure Solana's infrastructure is robust enough to attract the largest enterprise customers. The Metaplex startup program was also mentioned as a way to incentivize development with grants and resources to support startups and enterprises building on Metaplex.

Grants and Community Involvement

The Metaplex Foundation is committed to providing resources and support to startups and developers to spur innovation and market adoption. Emphasizing not just underdog but widespread outreach, they seek to make grants in USDC accessible for development on Solana while they work toward instituting functional governance for the MPLX token.

Future-Proofing Solana NFTs

Looking towards the future, the panelists discussed the importance of preparing for the scaling of NFTs into the billions, with the utility layer serving as the foundation for sustainable growth. The focus on light clients and standards for compressed data is key to accommodating enterprise-level outlooks on adopting blockchain for customer acquisition, engagement, and data utility.

The Shift in Metaplex's Approach

Reflecting on past strategies, Metaplex acknowledges a shift from working across varying levels of the stack to concentrating on foundational standards. This change of focus is intended to better partner and innovate with the community, rather than dictating directions or solutions.

Facts + Figures

  • Metaplex Foundation announces its move towards decentralizing control over programmatic keys that govern all Solana NFTs.
  • A new utility layer is being built to reduce infrastructure costs and improve data engagement with NFTs.
  • Underdog Protocol has been actively integrating and simplifying Metaplex's open-source software for broader use by enterprises.
  • The Metaplex startup program is set to provide resources, support, and grant funding to inspire development on the Metaplex platform.
  • The foundation plans to issue grants in USDC to support projects and will aim for functional governance of its MPLX token.
  • Solana is nearing the milestone of 100 million NFTs minted, partly due to advancements in compression technology.

Top quotes

  • "We want to have the infrastructural system that doesn't disabuse partners like Underdog Protocol from going and selling to the biggest enterprise partners as possible." — Dustin Duane
  • "Enterprises aren't going to chew glass. It's really about how expensive and how difficult it is to integrate blockchain NFTs or any web three related technology into your stack." — Tony Plasencia
  • "We're open for business... if we can bring you real resources to bring your startup and what you're building on Solana to market, all the better." — Dustin Duane
  • "One of the things that Versal really was great at is they added a GUI onto their standard, right? That's what enabled for this to happen." — Tony Plasencia
  • "If we can help you, if we can bring you real resources to bring your startup and what you're building on Solana to market, all the better." — Dustin Duane

Questions Answered

What major announcements did Metaplex Foundation make at Breakpoint 2023?

Metaplex Foundation announced a significant shift towards decentralized governance of the programmatic keys that oversee all Solana NFTs. The keys will be placed under third-party custody before full decentralization. They also discussed implementing a utility layer to make NFTs easier to handle and a startup program to provide resources for developers.

Why is Metaplex Foundation's latest move significant for NFTs on Solana?

By decentralizing the control of programmatic keys and focusing on foundational infrastructure, Metaplex Foundation is promoting greater stability, trust, and future growth opportunities for NFTs on Solana. This approach seeks to build confidence among developers and enterprises, fostering a thriving environment that can adapt to the increasing demand and complexity of NFT usage.

How does Underdog Protocol integrate with Metaplex Foundation's ecosystem?

Underdog Protocol leverages Metaplex's open-source software to streamline complex processes for enterprise clients. They are building additional layers on top of the foundation's software, much like complient entities that package the original software for ease of use by enterprises and developers.

What is the goal of the Metaplex startup program?

The Metaplex startup program is designed to incentivize new initiatives on Solana by offering resources, community support, and grant funding. This program aims to lower the entry barriers for startups and developers interested in using Metaplex's standards and products to create applications and services.

How are Metaplex Foundation's actions future-proofing NFTs on Solana?

Metaplex focuses on developing standards and infrastructure, such as the utility layer and support for compressed NFTs, designed to handle the anticipated scale of billions to trillions of NFTs while ensuring minimal costs and accessibility. This infrastructure is intended to make it easier for enterprises to adopt Solana NFTs for customer engagement and data usage.