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Validator Profile

This validator is currently delinquent. No rewards are being generated as their server is not generating blocks


Radiate validator runs on the best hardware in a secure, high reliability data center, which allows us to provide some of the best staking returns of all Solana validators.



Should You Stake With RADIATE?

  • This validator has a low share of stake, aiding decentralization
  • This validator has a high share of stake - you should stake elsewhere to help secure the network
  • This validator has a decent average APY and good returns
  • This validator has a low average APY due to a high commission or low reliability. You should look to stake elsewhere
  • This validator's servers are in a datacenter with low stake concentration, aiding decentralization
  • This validator is based in a datacenter with a high concentration of stake, which hurts decentralization. Please try to stake elsewhere.




Skipped Slot %

23470-US-Los Angeles

Datacenter Country

23470-US-Los Angeles

Datacenter City


Over Centralized

Datacenter Centralization