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Swap YFI (Wormhole) Coin Daily Price Performance

In the last 24 hours, (Wormhole) has traded at a total of 999 in volume. During this time it's price has fallen by 0.0% percent, and its price now stands at $0 per coin.

The token has a market cap of $328,960 based on its circulating supply* of 13 YFI and current price of $0 per coin. (Wormhole) is held by at least 10 unique wallets.

You can trade YFI against 2 different pairs, including: USDC, USDT

YFI Market Statistics

Price $0
24h Change $0 (0.0%)
24h High $0 (0 %)
24h Low $0 (0 %)
Volume (24hrs) $999
Market Cap $328,960
Circulating Supply 13
Unique Holders 10

YFI Pairs & Trading Markets

Market Volume Price





Top 10 holders of (Wormhole) coins

There are 10 unique wallets holding YFI. On average the median holding is 0.338975 YFI, worth roughly $8,712 USD. The biggest whale owns 6 tokens, or 47.66% of total supply. This is worth $156,770 at today's prices.

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